Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Top 5 Favorite Comic Book Heroes That Aren't from DC & Marvel

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I decided to do the heroes side of the challenge. This is just something I thought of doing shortly completing villains version. This is going to be a very interesting list for many reasons. I will try to keep it entertaining as I possibly can.

5. Witchblade (Top Cow Productions & Image Comics)

I didn't put Witchblade on this list due to her almost nude appearance. Her artifact is one of the most powerful among them. There has been several people that became Witchblade over the years including a original character in anime based on these comics. Mostly uses unique blade fighting style that's kinda difficult to explain but more awesome watching it. Witchblade has fought The Darkness a few times & survived.

4. Hellboy (Dark Horse Comics)

Of course Hellboy had to be on this list. Both live action movies did him justice with a reboot movie on the way. Hellboy doesn't age like most human beings. He has been through all kind of situations. Always not respecting most authorities with the possible exception of the man he calls father. Hellboy has a rather interesting back story that did make most of the way in the first live action movie. A child born to bring the end of mankind to end up becoming it's savior. His right stone hand is possibly one of the coolest melee weapons I ever seen in any comic book.

3. Judge Dredd (Rebellion Developments)

Judge Dredd is truly what true justice stands for. A man that often cleaning up the streets for a better future. Dredd has been through all kind of situations including cross over events. He took down Batman on his first try alone. Dredd has an unique lawgiver that depending on version of the story has ridiculous features. For example in some versions if the wrong person picks up his lawgiver they get electrocuted. In comic book & Dredd movie version, your arm gets blown clean off instead. Lawgiver has so many firing setting making it like several weapon types rolled into one. His armor can greatly withstand most weaponry to some explosions. Dredd is always determine to do what's right. Although he doesn't show much emotions, deep down he cares for the people he protects. He with several others took down the Dark Judges that nearly wiped out his people. Killing over sixty million people in such a short amount of time. Dredd isn't afraid to take on anyone or anything opposing as a threat.

2. The Crow (Several Comic Book Companies)

The Crow has been shared by a lot of characters with a common connection. All of them died horribly with someone they deeply cared for. Within their sadness, they can't sleep. Crows from the after world decides to give them a fighting chance. All of them got revived as The Crow. Considering their resurrection was meant to get revenge against those who caused them great pain. The Crow's powers depending on that & if anything happens to the crows following them. They lose their immortality although on some occasions immortality did return. You feel sorry for what happened to them. You feel great watching them getting even with the same people responsible. You do feel sad at the end of their stories. At the same time they can finally go to the after life to see their love ones again. There is just something about The Crow that kept bringing people back. Already four movies & a show based on the original Crow movie. They're still trying to give us a reboot movie but god knows when we could be getting that. In a weird sense The Crow could be seen as a angel.

1. Spawn (Image Comics)

Possibly one of the most awesome looking super heroes I ever seen. Yes Spawn technically counts as an anti-hero. Spawn has done plenty of good things including ending the apocalypse with help. As the story went on Spawn was becoming more god like. Spawn is truly an amazing being reborn from Hell. He has been through all kind of situations including cross over events. Spawn is truly an unique character in every sense of the word. His necroplasm is used to power many of his abilities including his cape. Which to me is the most awesome cape any super hero wearing I ever seen. This cape has a mind of it's own with all kind of abilities. Sometimes Spawn prefers to use firearms since he was a assassin around the time of his death. He has escaped Hell several times, how many characters can you name that has done that? Spawn can manipulate some elements with ease. Usually hanging out in the alley of a city does help him stand out from most super heroes. He barely works well with others but forced to sometimes. This includes some of his enemies that ended up screwing him over. Of course he defeated Violator several times. Spawn has so much potential to rival some of the biggest names in comic book history. A man deep down you do feel sorry for despite his previous off the book job of killing people. Al Simmons will always be in my personal opinion the greatest super hero from Image Comics.

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