Sunday, May 14, 2017

DC vs. Marvel Premiere Character Face Offs Elements Edition

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I really wanted to do something unique for fans of both Marvel & DC. I want to give myself a challenge by quickly going through four match ups between premiere characters. Before anybody says that's boring it has been done so many times now. This time will be different because I am making each one based on an element. If you haven't figured it out by now I am doing Earth, Fire, Water & Wind theme matchs. Usually most people only do one of these than keep doing other fights. Some of which keeps bringing characters like Superman & Batman back.

Round 1: Firestorm (DC) vs. Human Torch (Marvel) Fire Theme

Human Torch is facing an uphill battle he simply can't. Imagine DC's Dr. Manhattan & Marvel's Human Torch combine you would get DC's Firestorm. By having two minds & more powers this is an easy win for Firestorm.

Winner: Firestorm (DC)


Round 2: Poison Ivy (DC) vs. Groot (Marvel) Earth Theme
This is actually a close fight for great reasons. Officially they're both plant creatures that can manipulate other plant life to a degree. Further looking into both characters the winner becomes obvious. Groot can regenerate entire limbs & his body in a short amount of time. Last I checked Poison Ivy can't do that. In some stories, Poison Ivy has lost control over plants. This means Groot could easily steal control of her plants & use them against her. Also Poison Ivy doesn't have much powers in comparison to Groot. On some occasions, Groot can increase his body mass making him more durable. Death is a small thing to him because he gets reborn shortly afterwards. Once again the same can't be said for Poison Ivy. If she were to die & didn't have a back up plan set in motion. She stays dead period making this easy for Groot to win. Groot so happens to have more direct combat experience due to being on Guardians of the Galaxy team.

Winner: Groot (Marvel)


Round 3: Aquaman (DC) vs. Namor (Marvel) Water Theme
This is a close fight for many reasons. However further looking into both characters. I found some surprising stuff that actually make the winner obvious. Namor with & without water is several times stronger than Aquaman. The longer Aquaman stays out of water, the weaker he becomes. Namor also has small wings attached to him that can greatly limit what Aquaman can do in an fight. By considering all of this, Namor takes home the victory.

Winner: Namor


Final Round: Weather Wizard (DC) vs. Thor (Marvel)

Officially this isn't much of a debate since most agree who would win this fight. The simple fact remains I promise to give you a fight even if it's not worth covering. Weather Wizard relies so much on his device to hold his own against his enemies. Thor has proven without his hammer to hold his own against some of the most powerful beings in his universe. Also his control over the weather is much superior rivaling Storm. Thor already crushes Weather Wizard in stats alone making this incredibly one sided.

Winner: Thor


Three to one, Marvel takes home the win today folks. If you want me to do more of these I will. I won't use Batman until we all can agree who is his Marvel counterpart. Until next time I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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