Monday, May 29, 2017

Top 10 Least Favorite DC Super Heroes

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this following list could piss a lot of people off. This does have some characters a lot of people like but I never cared much for. Not only this is just my opinion I also stand behind my decision made in this blog.

10. Superman

I never have been or will be a fan of Superman. Look I understand he was one of the very first comic book super heroes. In that regard I do respect him but there's plenty of reasons I don't like him. He has way too many powers for one super hero. In fact he could technically call himself a one man army. Superman does have some impressive feats over the years. My big problem along with his appearance is how broken the character has become. Especially during Pre-Crisis Superman whose way too ridiculous to mention.

9. Captain Boomerang

Mostly a villain but he only counts as a hero being on the Suicide Squad. He has been on several missions in several universes. This guy will try to get someone killed, screw them over for something he wants or do little to help a tough situation. He has a reputation of killing or abandoning people he works with. Captain Boomerang is simply better as a villain rather than being forced to become a hero.

8. Beast Boy

I'm positive this will piss a lot of people off. I really did try liking Beast Boy since I knew people into Teen Titans cartoon. Not Teen Titans Go screw that I meant the good one. Similar to Vixen, Beast Boy can transform into all kind of creatures. His personality is probably the most thing people like about him. I find his personality to be okay at best.

7. Blue Beetle

I don't care for Blue Beetle for many reasons. He sorta reminds me of Marvel's Spider-Man back when he had a symbiote. Except he could more likely lose control & you are more likely to piss the creature off than the guy wearing it. Blue Beetle heavily relies on what this creature can do. In that regard kinda loses his appeal.

6. Booster Gold

Yes a often disliked DC super hero by not only from the fans but also some of the heroes in his universe. Booster Gold was immature when he started becoming a super hero. Now many super heroes were like that in the beginning so I'll let that slide. But I simply can't believe he played a part in saving the multiverse. Due to being a time traveler, many heroes doesn't even know what he has done. Basically we got Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat in DC universe with a specialized suit. If that isn't bad enough then maybe this could help. Booster Gold has some of the absolute worst show portrayals of any DC characters in history.

5. Dr. Fate

Let's be honest Dr. Fate could be a hit or miss character depending on whose the host. A lot of people took on the mantle of Dr. Fate. A magical being capable of handling some of the absolute most powerful beings. Especially those powerful characters that aren't able to fight them like Superman. Dr. Fate can lose a lot of his advantages by having his helmet removed during a battle. Which in turn forces the current host to fight with what they got. Dr. Fate is a truly unique character yet even to this day still haven't been in many stories.

4. Shazam aka DC's Captain Marvel (please don't sue me)
Believe it or not at one point back then Shazam originally called Captain Marvel was owned by another company. Very briefly, Shazam was out selling DC's Superman that ultimately led to them getting bought out by them. Thus Shazam is now officially within the DC universe. Many people including myself would nick name him as Magic Superman since he shares some of his abilities. Although it was explained why Shazam had to be a kid in order to become Shazam. Parts of this is still ridiculous to take seriously. Who would want to be around a kid with that much power is beyond me. Look I understand why so many like this guy. Another thing I should mention is by the time DC got Shazam. Marvel started their own Captain Marvel character whose completely different from DC's. This eventually led to renaming Captain Marvel to Shazam.

3. Plastic Man

Plastic Man is often compared to Marvel's Mr. Fantastic since they're powers are very similar. His personality can be annoying for some people. Unlike most rubber theme characters, Plastic Man technically can not die no matter what you do to him. Plastic Man also looks like a joke more than an actual super hero. Just like Booster Gold, he too had to grow up. Honestly I am really not a big fan of this character. Not even if he somehow got in any Injustice games as a playable character.

2. Dr. Manhattan

This scientist got into a fatal accident that did killed him. Shortly afterwards, he came out as the being known as Dr. Manhattan. This guy is insanely god like in what he can do. If you seen the live action Watchmen movie then I don't even need to explain. Just like real gods, he exists in the past, present & future at the same exact time. Just like them, Dr. Manhatten can alter, recreate & destroy anything with no real limit. Even if you somehow destroy him in the past, he still exists in the future. Which is pretty mess up considering doing this to most characters would wipe them out of existence.

1. The Spectre

Oh come on you had to knew this was coming. Yes I do like The Spectre but he is way too ridiculous. Basically the wrath of God, virtually every known power. The Spectre can do them all as long God approves it & bonded to a human host. The Spectre is still in the top 5 most powerful beings within DC multiverse. A being so insane in concept that you can't believe it actually exists.

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