Thursday, May 11, 2017

Top 5 Things I Prefer DC over Marvel

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, very recently I revealed I'm more into Marvel than DC. I really wanted to show how much I enjoy both of them over the years. I figured why not talk about five things DC has or done better than Marvel in one blog. Which by itself is already asking a ridiculous amount. DC has so much appeal to stay alive to continue inspiring people just like Marvel.

5. Better Written Villains

Wait Jack didn't you say Marvel villains were more awesome? Yes I did but I always felt DC has a special way about their villains. Especially some of Batman's enemies are actually some of the most interesting characters in comic book history. The Riddler lacks fighting skills but clever enough to trap Batman, come up with difficult riddles and complex plans. At one point while suffering from cancer. The Riddler sneak inside Ra's al Ghul's base to use lazarus pit & escaped without knowing. The Scarecrow is obsessed in seeing people being afraid going to extreme distance. Of course I really need to talk about The Joker. This guy despite having no powers has done more damage than most super villains combine. He is unpredictable sometimes even throwing the dark knight off. Not even Batman can figure out his true identity. There are other villains within DC I really like aside from those Batman regularly takes on. Professor Zoom is Barry Allen's Flash in majority of powers. His powers are from the dark side of the Speed Force making him possibly Allen's greatest enemy. His goal was to use science to become The Flash. Instead he transformed into Reverse Flash going by the name Professor Zoom. Captain Cold is more recently a neutral character. Regardless he's either one of Flash's greatest enemies or allies. This guy can lead a team of villains & heroes which many villains can't say that. His subzero freezing gun was designed to counter The Flash's speed. I am not crazy about Superman although I do like some of his enemies. Bizarro is either a parallel universe Superman or an incomplete clone of him. His powers are reversed that I always thought was more interesting. The way he talks can be confusing since he is basically speaking backwards & answering things the opposite way. Yes I know it is confusing I'll try to explain that a little bit better. You try asking him to stop hurting someone not realizing you are actually telling him to keep doing it. His state of mind is very confusing to say the least. Lobo is one awesome dude that hunts people through out the universe. The only way he can technically die is another of his race kills him. The problem with that is he made sure he was the last of his kind in a rather horrible way. He was responsible for an alien invasion that slaughtered his entire race. In doing so neither Heaven or Hell will accept him making Lobo essentially immortal. True fact Lobo was inspired by Marvel's Wolverine to be a parody of him. However due to his popularity, parts of his characters were changed & the rest is history. Brainiac almost has fully maxed out stats in his dream becoming the perfect being. In one story line it took a combine effort from many big name characters to hack him. Solomon Grundy is more of some super heroes problem than most villains. Grundy is undead that no matter how he dies. Somehow he comes back like nothing happens. The weird part is everytime he comes back to life. His personality & stats are changed which still to this day isn't explained. Lex Luthor is always a thorn in Superman's side. The concept of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object is heavily implied here. Luthor hates everything Superman stands for. There is another video showing off ten horrible things he has done to Superman that really open my eyes how evil this guy actually is. One of the richest people on Earth that will do anything to one up the Man of Steel. I could go on about more DC villains but these were the ones to truly kept me coming back for more.

4. DC Animated Universe

Not to be confused by DC Universe Animated Original Movies. Back in the early 90s around the same time Marvel started their own take of the same concept. Some of DC's shows among it are still some of their finest adaptations to date. Who doesn't remember Batman the Animated Series or both Justice League shows? To my surprise all of these shows hold up better than their Marvel counterpart. DC really gives an A for effort here. They really went all out in these shows to show us their world in a way we might never see ever again. DC Animated Universe is possibly one of the best series of shows in more recent history. I really can't say anything more positive than that.

3. Arrowverse

Arrowverse is very good in it's entirely. Vixen & Constantine that's coming soon will be aired online as short episodes. Of course most of my passion for it are from The Flash, Arrow & Legends of Tomorrow. These shows are really good for their time. Not only they are pushing the multiverse concept forward. They are giving us some great original stories that one day our childrens get to enjoy too. I am not kidding Arrowverse is truly amazing. Most would agree Arrowverse is killing their Marvel counterpart shows right now. I mean these shows are already considered legendary in their own right. Possibly even better than DC Animated Universe. These shows truly bring DC comics to life in a way most of their movies failed to do. Honestly I highly recommend checking out every show within Arrowverse.

2. Batman: Arkham series

Let's be honest Batman: Arkham series packs so much content for Batman fans. All of them are true fan service in their entirely. These games has some of the greatest stories with Batman in more recent history. The Riddler has a large amount of bonus material in majority of them. You actually felt like you're being tested by The Riddler. The cast is amazing making most characters you meet feel like you're in this world. These games are already some of the finest with DC's name to date. I kid you not these games are so good that it would take years for even DC to top their own games. Once again I highly recommend most of these games.

1. DC Left a Strong Impact on Pop Culture for Over Eighty Years
DC has been around since 1934 to constantly inspire so many people's lives. Even if you aren't crazy for the ridiculous stuff. Some of their messages about life truly hits home. DC does an amazing job pulling people in their stories. There's so many shows, games & movies based on their comic books. Of course how much impact DC truly left is up to debate in & of itself. DC is easily one of the greatest companies in the entire world. Even if you are only into villains, DC has you covered. Let's say if you don't care about the heroes & villains. Some of their supporting characters on both sides are very entertaining at their finest. DC also owns Warner Bros. movie company that has several game divisions & an channel called The CW. Especially right now many kids or older people are getting more inspired by their work. Many people are heavily into the drawings of their stories. Some of the biggest comic artists you could possibly name at one point worked at DC or Marvel. I really can't do enough justice to truly do this the way it truly deserves.

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