Saturday, May 13, 2017

Top 10 Favorite Marvel Super Heroes

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I never been this excited to do any lists in the last five years. I really want to reveal possibly my top favorite Marvel super heroes. Not everyone will agree with my choices. Same guide lines as it's DC counterpart will apply here.

10. Rogue

Rogue is rather an unique mutant for many reasons. She can absorb normal person's life force simply by touching them. Over the years, Rogue has briefly held many powers from powerful beings including Juggernaut. The fact she has trouble controlling it at times makes her felt more believable as a character.

9. Hawkeye

Clint Barton whose better known as Hawkeye is a skilled archer. Actually looking more in his history this guy has more weapon skills too. Hawkeye has his fair share of impressive feats in any team he's been a part of. He could hold his own against many people regardless of the situation.

8. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is possibly one of the most powerful super heroes in comic book history. This guy took down gods like Shuma-Gorath, Dormammu and several others with some having help. Doctor Strange is amazing at what he does easily leveling the field.

7. Wolverine

James Howlett aka Logan better known by everybody else is Wolverine. He has a few centuries under his belt mastering most fighting styles. One of the few heroes to been a member of both X-Men & The Avengers. Wolverine also has some mind blowing feats that are a testament to his level of determination.

6. Captain America

Captain America was a super soldier that quickly became a leader among The Avengers. This guy has been through almost every possible situation in comic book history. Captain America is possibly one of the most interesting super heroes despite not having many powers. Instead he relies more on his shield, skills & experience. Which by itself is more convincing to me in the long run.

5. The Punisher

Frank Castle barely survived his family's murder. He decided to directly take the fight to criminals. By going by a new identity that many of them now fear today as The Punisher. He won't show any mercy to majority of them. He isn't afraid of taking things too far against powerful criminal organizations.

4. Thor

Thor is a god from Asgard that's fighting wars for his home & taking on criminals in Midgard aka our world. This is exactly how comic books should go about doing god characters. Thor isn't too insanely powerful but still has plenty of rememberable feats including defeating his grandfather Bors. He has done so much for the universe as a whole over the years to keep everyone safe.

3. Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze & Danny Ketch)

Many fans really split between Johnny & Danny's take of Ghost Rider. Honestly I really can't decide since both are great at fighting the supernatural. Ghost Rider isn't afraid to take on god like beings like Mephisto. Sometimes you will be surprised exactly what Ghost Rider can do.

2. Hulk & Red Hulk

Both Hulk & Red Hulk aka Rulk is very different characters with similar powers. But considering both had such a strong impact on me. I decided to give both of them this spot since they both brought so much to the table. Two powerful characters that has impressive wins. Although Hulk's potential is essentially limitless. Red Hulk does have some advantages over Hulk that helps him stand out.

1. Iron Man

Tony Stark has a legacy of constantly pushing technology to levels most doesn't even know exists. Iron Man has plenty of impressive feats for a man without powers. This guy truly doesn't know when to back down or quit. I kid you not this guy is truly unique in every sense of the word.

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