Monday, May 15, 2017

Top 5 Favorite Game Genres

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this list isn't about the best among all video game genres. I kinda already did that for a blog on ScrewAttack's website a few years ago. I felt I should instead reveal my personal favorite gaming genres I can't get enough. Not everyone will agree with this list, remember this is strictly my opinion only.

5. FPS

This genre I'm sure is on most gamer's list. FPS has evolved so much over the years. Some of the finest games on your computers & consoles to date. You get to love firing at enemies & finding weapons. Personally I prefer Wolfenstein 3D up to Half-Life years games. I love to explore in those games. Half-Life was unique for it's time that still inspiring people today. Of course one of my personal favorite games is GoldenEye 007. This really changed how many gamers seen the genre.

4. Open World

Some of the craziest video games you ever play are Open World. You get given a huge world to explore, find stuff, buy what you need, do missions and so much more. You will be amazed how much work actually goes into these games especially newer Fallout games. These games are very inspiring to many people. I always seen this game as a way to test what you can and can't do in video games. Don't worry I don't hack, I'm talking about trying all kind of crazy ideas.

3. Beat Em Ups

Beat Em Ups is somewhat of a dying breed. I really enjoy playing many classics of this genre. You could be alone or playing with other people through out the game filled with enemies. Depending on it you use your fighting skills or weaponry to take them out. Usually filled with boss fights that do alter in terms of strategy. For a example the final boss fight of TMNT Arcade, you take on The Shredder & his clones. He does have a one hit kill move but depending on how many players are facing him. There will always be one more Shredder. After a while, he will keep making clones until half way through. Beat Em Ups was usually popular during the 90s. I still want to play more of them. I grew up playing a local Chuck E. Cheese, The Simpsons Arcade that eventually got me heavily into the show.

2. Rail Shooters

Rail Shooters are really addicting games to play. Especially on consoles with light guns. These games aren't long unless you are playing Resident Evil Chronicles series. You have to be on the look out for enemies, weapons & secrets. These games are really filled with enemies. Yes you can't control for the most part where to go. Sometimes it does allow you to pick a path. Just like Beat Em Ups, these have a lot of boss fights too. Personally Resident Evil Chronicles & The House of the Dead series are my favorites.

1. Fighting

Fighting has such a strong impact on gaming in general. Some fighting games gets later versions adding more content & changing some stuff. I always love you get so many characters to play as. You also get a couple modes you and other people can play for hours. Fighting is the one genre of games I could recommend to children. Their controls are easy to pick up unless you are playing Guilty Gear & BlazBlue games. Arcade Mode & some games version of Story Mode is usually very short. You will be amazed how much work gets put into a lot of the newer fighting games. Mortal Kombat X already got so many of them. Just imagine how crazy Injustice 2 is going to get within the next few months. Fighting also has so many levels you can play on often. Practice or tutorial is meant to help get you better at the game. My method of doing that involves playing survival mode. Trying to get as further as I can is a great way to test yourself. So many moves including finishers to keep you busy for days.

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