Monday, May 29, 2017

Top 10 Least Favorite DC Super Villains

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this has the potential being most hated than it's hero counterpart. Once again this is strictly my opinion only. I honestly did try many times liking these guys but never truly cared for them.

10. Parasite

Although I am a huge fan of Marvel's Rogue. DC's Parasite seems too broken as a character. For starters he already on Superman's level making him a powerful character. Unlike Rogue, Parasite can absorb through clothes. There are several people to share the atlas. But Parasite is a wild card among Superman enemies. Sadly not even being able to absorb Superman's power is enough to keep him down. This guy will use cheap tactics to throw you off your guard to absorb your life force & powers.

9. Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd is actually a reoccurring villain for a couple super heroes. Widely known for manipulating people with his mind. This ape is incredibly ruthless in getting what he wants. Grodd isn't afraid to directly take on super heroes. I'm not putting him on here due to the fact it is possible Grodd could've been inspired by Caesar from Planet of the Apes movies. I put him on here because he often likes to work behind the scenes. Sometimes trying heroes into doing his dirty work then flat out betrays them. Yes I know this is technically a great trait for a villain to have. At the same time it doesn't exactly work with Grodd. Regardless this ape doesn't like bananas that became it's own meme.

8. Brainiac

I really don't care for Brainiac at all. Brainiac depending on things either more organic live form than machine or in vice versa. He still all about becoming the perfect being in the universe. Brainiac is very secretly in how he does things. At the same time, he simply not that interesting as a character. I seen characters like Deathstroke that quickly rose above many villains. Brainiac is incredibly complex as a character.

7. Scarface

This is a very strange character for a comic book villain. Arthur the ventriloquist strongly believes his dummy Scarface is alive. In his own mind, he believes this dummy is the one doing horrible things to people. In reality, it is the ventriloquist Arthur. His regular personality is a rather shy, nerveless character. His Scarface personality is sorta similar to another Batman villain Two Face. In most universes, shares the theme with slight differences. In The Batman show, Scarface dummy is a giant robot. I do like the story behind the making of this dummy reminding me of Goosebumps' Slappy the Dummy. Mostly due to this concept it can be confusing for newer fans to understand what's going on.

6. Toyman

Toyman is surprisingly a regular enemy of Superman. Often considered one of the smartest people on the planet. Toyman uses toys to do all kind of things you simply wouldn't believe. At it's core parts of this concept is indeed interesting. At the same time he simply becomes too ridiculous at times because of it. For example you could see a lot of toy cars with built in bombs driving around aimless. A move that also could screw over Toyman. Some of his appearances are really ridiculous including the one from Superman: The Animated Series.

5. Mad Hatter

Jarvis Tech the original Mad Hatter is ridiculous as a character. In his own mind, he strongly believes he is the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. He uses devices to manipulate people's minds into doing horrible things. This guy makes you go through rather unusual stuff within your mind that could cause people to go insane. Mad Hatter is really mentally unstable for someone whose insane.

4. Maxie Zeus

Maxie Zeus is an alternate personality of a businessman. Sometimes hit on the head causes him to become Maxie Zeus. You know similar to 1966 show with King Tut same concept. Maxie Zeus is ridiculously retarded for a Batman villain. Not only he doesn't fit any Batman story arcs in any possible way. He wouldn't even work in an Wonder Woman story. This guy believes everyone is being watched by the gods of Olympus. He does use his fortune to make his hide outs like Greek mythology. Yes once again like that Batman show villain King Tut except it doesn't work. In all honestly he brings absolutely nothing to the story.

3. Calendar Man

Calendar Man is really terrible for a Batman villain. Often considered by many to be the worst Batman villain. Calendar Man plans according to holidays making it easier for Batman to track him. This guy never truly prepares for an encounter with The Dark Knight or any of his enemies. Calendar Man also gets some of the absolute worst costume designs in almost every form of media.

2. Polka-Dot Man

Do I even need to state the obvious? Both the name & his costume are really stupid. Oh look at me in the dark just bright enough to spot me. Get it everything DC has ever done for this character never works. The only good moments is when Batman takes him down. This guy is a idiot that thought many being something so random might throw people off enough to get away with crime. At least with Calendar Man, he slightly depending on several costumes looks better than Polka-Dot Man. Also Calendar Man does slightly better at planning.

1. Mister Mxyptlk

OMG do I even need to say anything at all about this guy. The most broken enemy Superman has imaginable. Mister Mxyptlk is already a horrible name. What's worse is the only way to defeat him is being tricked into saying his name backwards. How the hell does that make any real senses? This guy can literately do anything including impossible stuff. One time The Joker tricked him in giving most of his powers over. Just look at some of what The Joker did while having those powers. If that doesn't explain enough how ridiculous this being is then I'm simply at a loss for words.

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