Saturday, May 13, 2017

Top 10 Favorite Marvel Super Villains

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, it's time to do Marvel version of which super villains I really enjoy. This just like DC version is incredibly more difficult than super heroes version. Just like those blogs I am using the same guide lines set in place. I hope you all enjoy what you see on my blog series.

10. Mephisto

Mephisto is one of the rulers of Hell. This guy has done really horrible things to people. You simply wouldn't believe even I took the time to fully explain it all. This guy loves causing pain that could last an eternity. In his own realm, he is basically a god. Yes he doesn't have much combat experience. What makes this guy truly scary is how he can trick you into doing something stupid. He tricked a few people into becoming Ghost Riders. At one point completely rebooted Spider-Man's life greatly changing it. But ends up never meeting Mary Jane the love of his life or having their daughter. That's how twisted this guy actually is.

9. Carnage

One of my personal favorite comic book villains of all time. Carnage is a psychopath that loves on causing chaos. He has a huge kill count amount many big name super villains. Carnage at one point had stats higher than both Spider-Man & Venom. This guy will do anything to get what he wants. Little to no one can reason with him. Carnage is possibly the scariest among Spider-Man's enemies.

8. The Abomination & Sabretooth

This is a tie for a great reason, both of them are technically nemesis of their respective heroes. At the same time they come off as more of their arch rivals due to their similar abilities. Wolverine always struggles against Sabretooth for a long time. Hulk usually comes out on top against The Abomination but does struggle the most among his enemies against him. Both of them truly do belong on my list.

7. Dormammu

A evil god that could if left unchecked can rule the entire universe. Dormammu is insanely powerful with plenty of abilities even the very best magic users struggle against him. One of the few Marvel characters to survive being completely destroyed due to being mostly made out of energy. Like Mephisto, he too rules a realm where he's at his most powerful. Dormammu always will be Doctor Strange's greatest enemy since it takes so much out of him every single time. Not the same way as Shuma-Gorath obviously but you get the idea. Dormammu is a god you really don't want to piss off.

6. Thanos

Thanos is hands down one of the most awesome powerful villains in Marvel universe. This guy has wielded the infinity gauntlet possibly one of the most weapons in all of existence with ease. Thanos has took down some of the most powerful heroes on his own in record time. He brings just the right level of science with magic making him even more dangerous.

5. Loki

Of course Thor's brother Loki had to be on this list. The same guy that got The Avengers assembled in the first place. Loki has done some really horrible things to his brother over the years. He also goes after other super heroes from time to time. Due to being a god, death is a small thing because he will be revived. In areas his brother isn't great at, Loki is superior being one of the best magic users in Marvel universe. Loki has done things you wouldn't even believe to people. This guy will do anything to get what he wants. Ever since the beginning, Loki has been a huge thorn in Thor's side.

4. Ultron

Ultron was originally built by the original Ant-Man aka Dr. Hank Pym. But quickly turned on him to erase his memories of that event. Ultron quickly decided to go right after The Avengers. In most of his story arcs, he is holding his own very well against them. Most would get others to help or avoid them altogether. To me the simple fact he chose to do this not fully knowing what they're truly capable of. Truly showed how determine he was to prove a point about being superior. His goal is to kill all life on the planet.

3. Super-Skrull

Super-Skrull is a very interesting Fantastic Four villain. He was chosen to gain powers of the Fantastic Four to take them out. His race's normal power so happens to be shape shifting which made most of his new powers more dangerous. Best described by someone on Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Why have the Fantastic Four if we could get one guy with their powers. Very true statement because essentially he is a evil version of them all rolled into one being. This made him a god among his own race for that reason.

2. Apocalypse & Dark Phoenix

Another tie with a obvious connection. Both Apocalypse & Dark Phoenix are god like beings that are enemies of X-Men. What both of them can truly do is simply beyond words. I kid you not these two are really ridiculous in what they can do. At the same time it makes seeing X-Men winning against them more appealing. Dark Phoenix is technically more god like in some areas. Apocalypse can shape shift to have virtually any power he wants. The simple fact X-Men really struggles against just one of them is worth noting. Both of them are known threats to all of the universe & to some degree multiverse.

1. Dr. Doom

You all should've seen this coming a mile away. Come on who else deserves the number 1 spot more than Dr. Doom? Although he is mostly nemesis to the super hero team Fantastic Four. This guy has took on many super heroes & villains over the years. He has some of the most impressive feats among any Marvel villains. He not only has his own country but a planet too. Dr. Doom is second in many areas to some of the big name characters. He stands as the perfect mixture of science & magic as his parents had only one of these. He decided later in life to take on both of them in honor of his parents. By doing that truly made him a very worthy adversary to anyone crazy enough to challenge him.

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