Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Comparison of CW's DC Arrowverse shows & Netflix's Marvel shows

This was made before The Defenders hit Netflix. If the demand is big enough, I will do a more direct comparison just between DC's Legend of Tomorrow & Marvel's The Defenders.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, a lot of people already covered this topic. I am going the extra mile of fully breaking each shows in this comparison. I will be comparing three Arrowverse shows to four Netflix's Marvel shows. At their core they're exactly what DC & Marvel fans have been waiting for. Amazing this is both comic book companies second attempt at making a line up of shows. All connected within a shared universe.

Arrow (5 seasons)
The Flash (3 seasons)
Legends of Tomorrow (2 seasons)


Arrow came first that just finished season 5. Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow is truly captured in this show. This was the beginning at DC coming back like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Which is fitting due to Oliver's past that's heavily reference in most episodes. Arrow started with a handful of people to eventually led to a team. Green Arrow has went through Hell to somehow still going through it. A man who could've loss it or commit suicide became a hero instead. There is some complex story telling on this show.

The Flash

The Flash was the next major show of Arrowverse. This is usually the very show that everyone talks about. Believe it or not this is actually the second live action Flash show. A handful of actors from that show in some degree reprising their roles. Although the original actor for Flash was also this show Barry's father. This is where things that usually doesn't leave the comic books finally show up. For example going into an alternate universe, going inside The Speed Force & time travel. Yes The Flash goes really close to it's source material with clever changes. This is possibly one of the absolute best DC shows I ever seen. Very recently ended season 3 with some surprises that many people didn't expect.

Legends of Tomorrow

This is the most original DC show in the entire line up. Before anyone gets upset I'm not waiting to compare this to The Defenders. Don't worry I will when the time is right. For now a group of characters get recruited to protect time itself. In just two seasons, the team have went through some difficult challenges. Many consider this Arrowverse's counterpart to Justice League. Their job is to prevent time from being too altered or destroyed from many threats. This show is heavily about cause & effects best taken to some degree from Back to the Future movies. Sometimes like season 1 finale can be confusing to understand what's going on. Legends of Tomorrow are people that truly want to be considered legends for their work. I can't wait to see how season 3 plays out following that crazy season finale.

Marvel Cinematic Universe shows (Netflix)
Daredevil (2 seasons)
Jessica Jones (1 season)
Luke Cage (1 season)
Iron Fist (1 season)


This is a huge step up from Daredevil movie. Just like DC's Constantine that will be revived as an animated web cartoon. This show is truly amazing in every sense of the world. This is Marvel in every sense of the word. You will be very surprised how damn good it gets just within the first five minutes. Daredevil was the beginning of a new line up of shows into Marvel Cinematic Universe. This nails most characters incredibly well matching their movies in that regard. I also should mention this show can be complex but in time everything will make sense.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is an interesting show despite some pictures & trailers. Despite this being directed towards women, this show actually is meant for everyone. Jessica Jones is a surprisingly interesting character. This is where you see how they're connected to other shows. Plenty of surprises are awaiting for those into super hero stuff that want something different. I can't believe this show was way better than I expected.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage is a big name character in Marvel universe. At one point he led one of three teams within The Avengers. Not knowing much about the character before watching this show. I got to be honest this show is very good. This guy is more of a vigilante that wants his neighbor hoods to town safe. This guy will surprise you how he thinks especially later in the first season. Luke Cage has very good story twists to keep things interesting.

Iron Fist

Just like Jessica Jones, I did judge it the same way despite knowing more about him. WOW Iron Fist is amazing at being something truly unique. Danny quickly becomes the most rememberable character. This guy had tough challenges that shows you how much his life changed from then to now. Which would easily make this Arrow's Marvel counterpart show. They're some strong similarities but plenty of differences too. I am so impressed that when season 2 comes out I will drop everything to watch it.

+More episodes
+More characters
+More humor
+More villains pulled out of comics
+More cross over events
+More ways to watch
+Most episodes have messages about being a better person
+Allows crazy possibilities from comics
+Despite airing like most shows, you can do things before, after & during each episodes
+Shorter waits for newer seasons
+More complex stories
+More powers & weapons
+More heroes

-Some of the violence is toned down
-Some filler episodes take away from the main story feeling not as important to watch
-Sometimes shorter production hurts the show
-Have to watch several of them on different days in a few months
-Unfortunately DC prefers Arrowverse to be it's own universe separate from their movies

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Netflix)
+Allows more violence & gore on screen
+Full seasons in one go
+More complete opening & ending credits
+Side characters play a bigger role
+Unlike Arrowverse, all these shows are connected to their movies
+Every episode per a season plays perfectly together feeling more complete
+Longer production gets put to great use

-Must wait longer for newer seasons
-Seems to have everything much smaller compared to Arrowverse
-Exclusive to Netflix greatly reduced the number of ways watching them
-Fewer episodes

All of them are about super heroes & vigilantes protecting their cities from all kind of threats. Of course all kind of obstacles will come their way. The more of them you see, the more you can relate, feel & believe in what they must do. Both comic book companies got very good shows that will be classics one day legendary. But Arrowverse simply has more of the critical stuff I want to see in comic book shows. These Marvel shows are absolutely amazing very high on my recommendation list. If you had to choose to watch more of Arrowverse & these Marvel Netflix shows. You should do Arrowverse since it actually comes together like a real comic book. Even with a few episodes that could've been better. You simply can't deny DC really brought their A game blowing everything away. Legends of Tomorrow by itself is constantly evolving into something bigger. The Flash is really pushing the limits of story telling & twists. Even Arrow has some amazing moments you wouldn't believe. I would go as far to say they're better than what Marvel is doing right now.

Winner: Arrowverse

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