Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Top 5 Reasons Why I Like Marvel More than DC

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, let's get something straight. I grew up heavily into many things inspiration by Marvel & DC comics. At one point late in your life you start noticing which side actually appeals to you more. I always felt Marvel was sorta more of my thing. I know those who know me personally would tell you DC's Batman is my favorite super hero. Which is very true I am such a fan of the dark knight. Marvel does several things better than DC at times & it's also true in vice versa.

Now you could consider this me drawing a line in the sand or officially picking a side. I will be a fan of both their works until the day I die. There's so many reasons why I love them both with a passion. This is by no means an easy blog to make. Marvel haven't been around as long as DC but comic book fans sure do have their favorites.

5. Deadpool

Both Marvel & DC has their fair share of joke characters. But everyone knows Deadpool & I could tell you all about him. Hey folks I'm Deadpool you know the mercenary with a mouth guy. I do horrible things for fun especially on Christmas. Screw Santa I'm way better in so many ways. Memes, I am a walking punch line. I pretty much did everything imaginable including not so pleasant things. I am watching all of you watching me & you never know I could be coming to your house. Thank you Mr. Pool, I think you said enough. No I didn't even get started yet Jack my boy. Everybody always gets burn by me why should you be any different. I am warning you Wade to back off. Oh you do it type in a escape of some sort or turn off your computer for the night. You know what I tried being nice why don't you just leave before I hit the delete button. You know who I am right? I am the one man you shouldn't take with you to bed. What in god's name are you talking about? This guy is quite a character that's so unpredictable that everyone has their own take on him by now. Oh screw you man I so happen to be here even before you started writing. You do realize how insane you sound? Oh I'm crazy let's dance (no please) too late I'm not taking your crap. You would be lucky I don't if you get what I mean. When will the nightmare ever end. Bottom line this guy will do anything even something you never thought of before.

4. More Balanced Super Heroes

Let's be honest DC has so many really ridiculously powerful super heroes. Sometimes it can be difficult to take them seriously or get the feeling they're trying really hard for you to feel. You know when a hero loses, falls to save people or in a situation not sure what to do. I always felt Marvel had weaker super heroes that aren't technically weak but still can be beaten. A good example of this is Ghost Rider. Regardless if it is Johnny Blaze or his brother Daniel Ketch. Both becomes Ghost Rider at night or in other realms to take down the super natural. Ghost Rider is mind blowing in what he can do. Yet there are plenty of things that makes him both beatable & likable. Yes many Marvel super heroes has some mind blowing feats. If you check out DC's side you would be really mind blown in how ridiculous they actually go. In that regard I find Marvel more believable. Characters like The Punisher has no powers to take on criminals & sometimes other heroes. His tragic story is something everyone to some degree can relate to. Iron Man is easily someone who should care less about the world due to his business & fortune. Tony Stark become Iron Man to help make the world a much better place. Thanks to mutants in Marvel, classified all kind of abilities are much easier than doing the same with meta humans in DC. Also The Avengers is surprisingly more interesting than Justice League. For one an secret organization called S.H.I.E.L.D. backs them up. At least to me there seems to be more variety of abilities & personalities within The Avengers. Honestly I could going on about why I prefer how Marvel does it's super heroes.

3. Marvel vs. Capcom series

I am a huge fan of Marvel vs. Capcom series. Yes I know Capcom makes all the games. It is very mind blowing how much work Capcom puts into all of them. Originally started with X-Men: Children of the Atom & Marvel Super Heroes not be confused by other games with that title. Capcom got Marvel on board with making an official cross over fighting game series. Before Injustice even existed, the very best of this kind of experience was in Marvel vs. Capcom series. So many characters from Marvel & Capcom going at it. This is surprisingly underrated game series that so many people needs to play. These games are just as much Marvel as Capcom themselves. I am not kidding these games are amazing for their time. You can tell I'm very excited for the newest entry coming this year. The precursor games are one on one like many fighting games. From X-Men vs. Street Fighter to Marvel vs. Capcom, it became two on two still rare among fighting games today. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 & both versions of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 pushed it further with three on three. This alone greatly increases it's overall appeal to many people. All the possible combinations is truly something special.

2. More Awesome Super Villains

This is a very difficult topic to talk about. Before I go on about Marvel super villains. I really want to point out there are plenty great villains within DC. The Joker is still my favorite comic book villain since my child hood. Even I go to be honest many villains in Marvel are more amazing. For starters Ultron always trying to take out The Avengers. Who in the right mind or should I say who has the balls to take on The Avengers? Ultron constantly a major pain to every people within The Avengers to this day. Of course we can't forget about Dr. Doom. Possibly a great candidate for greatest Marvel villain of all time. This guy has many runs in with many big name characters holding his own very well. I know this following statement may understand a lot of fans. I actually prefer some of Spider-Man's enemies over him. I am a huge fan of Carnage ever since first seeing him on Spider-Man the Animated Series. Yes there are some similarities with DC's The Joker but this guy is a different caliber. His stats were Spider-Man & Venom's stats combine making him even more dangerous. Like Venom, Spider-Man's spidey sense can't pick him up. He has done some horrible things to people over the years. Hobgoblin is sorta a rip off of Green Goblin but the entire story line leading to his true identity is mind blowing. Why because he almost escape from Spider-Man. He hide behind people while he got away many times. Right around his escape, Spider-Man figured out his true identity & stopped him. Galactus is a cosmic being that must devour planets to survive. Yes I know there are similar beings within DC. But Galactus has the most impact on story due to transforming some characters into gods & having one of the biggest kill counts among Marvel villains. Thanos is truly amazing in what he has done over the years. Everybody remembers the time he killed half the entire universe population with the infinity gauntlet. This man has took down some of the most powerful heroes with ease. I really want to talk about Thor's brother Loki. WOW this guy is really impressive in how low he is willing to go to take over Asgard. One time he forced Thor to kill his grand father Bors. There is a great video showing off at least ten of the absolute worst things Loki has done to Thor. Loki has always been a thorn in his brother's side. In areas Thor lacks, Loki is superior being one of the best magic users in the universe. There are so many interesting super villains in Marvel alone to constantly come back for more.

1. Marvel Cinematic Universe

Some of you probably saw this coming a mile away. Very recently DC & Universal is doing their take on a movie multiverse franchise. Before both of them, Marvel started with Iron Man back in 2008 to kept pushing the limits. These movies already done so much justice to their comic books & praising by everyone. They already made a couple of shows connected to this universe too. They are really trying to truly recreate the multiverse as close as possible. Some of the finest movies ever made period. No body can truly do it justice even if all of us at once did it. Honestly these movies are legendary for so many reasons. I really see so much appeal still waiting to come out.

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