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One Minute Melee Season 4 Top 10 Fights

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, last night season 4 of One Minute Melee after a month of waiting finally came to an end. WOW to me this is the best season so far in the show's history. Some of the absolute best fights are present in this season. I am really impressed by all the hard work that went into this season.

As always I will present the previous lists before doing the newest list for your entertainment pleasure.

Season 1 Top 10 OMM Fights
10. Black Widow vs. Catwoman
9. Terry Bogard vs. Burai Yamamoto
8. Kim vs. Juri
7. Sonic vs. The Flash
6. Captain Falcon vs. Captain Commando
5. Dio Brando vs. Sakuya Izayou
4. Deadpool vs. Deathstroke
3. Akuma vs. Kenpachi Zaraki
2. Batman vs. Albert Wesker
1. Eggman vs. Boweser

Season 1 Top 5 Worst OMM Fights
5. Dan Hibiki vs. Hercule Satan
4. Mewtwo vs. Frieza
3. Jin vs. Gambit
2. Lucario vs Renamon
1. Dante vs. Ragna

Season 2 Top 10 OMM Fights
10. Lightning vs. Wonder Woman
9. Vergil vs. Sephiroth
8. B.B. Hood vs. Peacock
7. Ryu vs. Jin
6. Bowser Jr. vs. Metal Sonic
5. Scorpion vs. Ghost Rider
4. Luffy vs. Naruto
3. Jotaro Kujo vs. Kenshiro
2. Kenshin Himura vs. Roronoa Zoro
1. Master Hand vs. Polygon Man

Season 2 Top 5 Worst OMM Fights
5. Knuckles vs. Wario
4. Link vs. Sora
3. Little Mac vs. Makunounchi Ippo
2. Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye
1. Oni vs. Kenpachi Zaraki

Season 3 OMM Fights
10. Kirby vs. Pac-Man
9. Ichigo vs. Sasuke
8. Asuna vs. Orie
7. Heihachi vs. Geese
6. Trunks vs. Silver
5. Natsu vs. Ace
4. Yu Narukami vs. Polnareff
3. Cell vs. Meruem
2. Bowser vs. Mecha Sonic
1. Superman vs. One Punch Man

10. Waddle Dee vs. Goomba (Army Battle)

Finally we got a army battle that is crazier than some of the big scale Death Battle fights. They really out did themselves with such a difficult fight to fit in one minute. I am impressed by how well animated from start to finish it is. Sorta a spiritual successor to Bowser's story line within OMM universe. It may not be as good as those episodes, I still highly recommend it.

9. Hulk vs. Broly

This is a epic battle that so many people wanted to see. Animation wise I was impressed by how well done both characters were. They made this feel like a missing Dragon Ball Z episode with Marvel thrown in. I loved the ending because in my mind that's something I always thought would happen in their fight. This fight had so much potential to be one of the best.

8. Piccolo vs. Martian Manhunter

A huge request by people including myself. I am heavily against it for Death Battle. But this is going to play out more the way people want it to in One Minute Melee. Man they did a great job making it entertaining as humanly possible. I got to be honest this could be one of the absolute best fights with an Dragon Ball character. I really enjoy watching this episode so many times never getting old of it.

7. Joseph Joestar vs. Edward Elric

When I first saw this I knew very little about Joseph Joestar. Now I'm a big fan of him since I watched JoJo's Bizarre Adventure on Toonami. Honestly more recently this made a lot more sense to me why these two. They're so similar in many ways that no body thought this actually could be a good fight. I loved this fight with a passion because both characters are done incredibly well. Yes I'm a bigger Edward Elric fan but I still enjoy this episode a lot.

6. Sasori vs. Alice Margatroid

Puppets vs. Dolls I guess no body thought the team would do this kind of fight. This is one of their creepiest fights to date. Such an unique concept for a battle that simply can't be recreated by anyone else. I enjoy this fight a lot since it reminds me of similar fights in their previous seasons I love. This fight goes down as the one that surprised me the most they actually did it.

5. Paul vs. Ken

Hell yeah Paul vs. Ken simply needed to happen. These two are incredibly similar & easily one of the best fighters in their universes. I really enjoy watching this as it does feel like a true cross over fight. Now I know I don't even need to bring up their cross over game. At the same time this fight was actually better than that game yes I just said that.

4. Oni vs. Kenpachi Zaraki

A true conclusion to what originally started by me requesting it. Yes I'm not lying about that fact under my real name. This really made up for round 2 fight in so many ways. Honestly this rivals their original fight back in season 1. I am really glad they gave us Bankai Kenpachi. They did fix up Oni's sprites to look more faithful to his character. I really love everything about this fight.

3. Chris Redfield vs. Snake

There are a lot of strong similarities between Konami's Metal Gear & Capcom's Resident Evil. I am very happy with this fight as a huge fan of both series. WOW they did an amazing job animating both legendary video game characters. This is one of the absolute best fights among those with weapons & gadgets. I highly recommend this to both fan bases.

2. M. Bison vs. God Rugal

God Rugal came from a cross over game that got parts of Akuma's Dark Hado to become a monster. In an sense we got another fight with Akuma but someone else using parts of his power. Obviously this fight was intense from start to finish. Everything about this episode makes it truly unique. Once again we got another episode that simply can't be truly recreated. I am really impressed by the animation in general.

1. Gon vs. Midoriya

Yes we did wait the longest for the season finale. But it really was well worth the wait. I was expecting Gon to take on Yu Yu Hakusho's Yusuke Urameshi. I got to be honest they really out did themselves here. A rare case of a fight being multiple rounds in one episode. I love all the cut scenes before, during and after each round. This does feel like an episode from both animes. I am really blown away how amazing voice acting & animation was in this episode. I really can't say enough to justify how damn good it is.

I hope you guys enjoy my list for season 4 of One Minute Melee. I will do the same when season 5 ends next year. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

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