Monday, May 15, 2017

Top 5 Reasons Why I Prefer Marvel Cinematic Universe movies over DC Extended Universe movies

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, Marvel has been killing it ever since they started with the original Iron Man movie. More recently DC took on their own take of the movie multiverse concept. I am going to be brutally honest to say I'm not impressed by most of those movies so far. Yes I may be judging it a little early but the only one I liked so far was Suicide Squad. In my personal opinion DC really needs to step up their game if they want to stand out against Marvel.

I am aware this may piss a lot of people off for many reasons. I am only being myself whose a huge fan of both comic book companies. I figured to give you five great reasons why I prefer Marvel Cinematic Universe movies over DC Extended Universe movies.

5. Better Fitting Title

Sorry folks DC Extended Universe isn't good enough. Maybe DC Universe Animated Original Movies threw them off or simply wasn't sure what to call it. Personally I would call it DC: Greatest Stand since you have some of the big name characters that are doing what they can to save people. Easily bringing their A game often in these movies does kinda work. You see Marvel Cinematic Universe tells me exactly what is it without questions asks & works better as a title.

4. Better Overall Direction

It is obvious DC isn't sure which direction they want to take. As of right now close to ten movies possibly a few more could be made in the next few years. I don't mine parts of that because I do want to see some of them. What I do mean is how they're currently going about it. Batman V. Superman was simply horribly done that went on too long with a boring Doomsday. Amazing the entire movie is suppose to start lining up to the Justice League. At the same time it felt the pace they're going. It is obvious they're rushing the entire process to quickly caught up with Marvel's Avengers. They should've waited on doing the Justice League movie at least another three years at best. Instead we're getting that movie close by my birthday in November of this year. Already a lot of spin off movies are planned that may or maybe bring much to the more important movies. I like Marvel is doing major movies with more focus than DC being all over the place with their movies. I highly question if they may aim too high or not high enough to satisfy their fans. They're already really behind in numbers of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Which bags the question should DC still go for it or what I recommend stopping it right now. I felt this is being rushed to the point later movies won't do anyone justice in the slightest. They need to take their time, slow down & greatly rethink their angle.

3. Better Cast

This should be painfully honest, Marvel Cinematic Universe for the most part nailed so many characters. Not many of them got nailed so far in DC Expended Universe. Harley, Superman, Katana & Captain Boomerang are the closest ones I noticed. Look I know many are thinking I set my standards incredibly high. You really can't compete with Iron Man, Thor, Rocket, Captain America & a few others are nailed so well. Replacing them would be close to being impossible. I kid you not they're that good as their respective characters. Of course villains are standing out more in Marvel movies right now. Even the combination of Whipleash & Crimson Dynamo in Iron Man 2 is out doing DC's villains. Now that's sad DC you really need to pick better actors for your characters.

2. Sticking Closer to Their Source Material

WOW they took so much from the comics in these movies. Yes this includes some movies being more original material than that of the comic books like Iron Man 3. Marvel is recreating some of the big story arcs. Most characters are very faithful to their respective comic book counterparts. I am really impressed how well Marvel is doing.

1. Making These Movies Their Own

Of course I'm up for any clever changes. Yes I am very mixed about The Mandarin's twist in Iron Man 3. Sure it really does suck the actual character from the comics may not ever appear in a live action movie. At the same time how they went about the twist did make things interesting. As stated before two of Iron Man's enemies got combined into one within Iron Man 2. I know a lot of people didn't care for that. I kinda like parts of it for later on the movie despite how short lived the final fight was. Ultron was created by Tony Stark instead by the original Ant-Man actually works very well. As long they don't give us more The Mandarin crap in the near future. I will keep watching these amazing movies until the day I die.

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