Monday, May 15, 2017

Top 5 Reasons Why I Prefer DC's Arrowverse over Marvel Cinemtatic Universe shows

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I been waiting to get my opinion about this for months now. I will not hold back my real opinions on the matter. I am really disappointed in how Marvel is going about their shows connected to their successful movie series. To me they are a major step down or a poor man's version of their work that you would be lucky to enjoy even at the slightest. These shows aren't pulling the right angles to caught some people's attentions including myself. It is no secret I really enjoyed DC's Arrowverse shows with a passion & I'm more into Marvel.

Obviously people are going to be upset upon reading this. I am only doing my own opinion not inspired or forced by anyone. I felt this should've already been done but I got busy with a lot of stuff. It's about time to do what I call justice.

5. Easier to get Caught Up on Episodes

Yes these Marvel shows do air on more channels. But you can't compete with new episodes being available several ways. You can watch it online, on demand from your cable or using Roku. Both CW channels are free to use on Roku making it easier. Also those shows that air on TV does come to Netflix. I am aware several Marvel shows are also on Netflix. But flat out giving us an entire season right off the bat doesn't help trying to caught up. Okay that's a double edge sword thing. I am just stating due to CW increasing ways to watch their shows keeps me going.

4. Better Cast

I felt for the most part heroes & villains are cast very well on all these shows. In fact way better than most of their movies in the last two decades. Sometimes they bring other DC characters from other universes that started on other channels like John Constantine & Supergirl. I haven't heard Marvel doing that yet. This are probably the closest DC will have it's comic books done right in live action.

3. Connecting Several Events to Other Shows gives Us A More True Universe Take
It is no secret all shows within Arrowverse are deeply connected in several ways. Sometimes you get references to other shows about their events. Sometimes you get to see a few episodes cross over events. This help give us a true universal take done right on television. You could argue Vixen is a little behind current events right now. I'm sure with other animated shows connected to Arrowverse will fix that problem.

2. Sticking to Their Source Material

Any comic book would want above all else is DC sticking very closer to their source material. I can honestly say they truly go the extra mile with so many characters. At the same time, most of them are very faithful to their respective comic book counterparts. Some moments like a particular one during season 2 finale. A time clone of Barry does the famous feat that saved the multiverse. Maybe not as epic as it was in the comics but still very awesome to watch.

1. Making These Shows Their Own

What I ask for even more than sticking close to the source material is creative freedom. I really want them to take these classic characters & built on them. I want to be wow how interesting some changes to these characters was done. Yes Prometheus is up to date in which comic book character inspired him. We all can agree Arrowverse's take of him is greatly making up for Damian Dark. This guy almost comes off like a evil Green Arrow although Merlyn is technically that. Savitar is greatly different from his comic book counterpart. In the comics, he was a jet fighter pilot that got parts of The Speed Force absorbed into him to gain similar level of super speed. In Arrowverse's take of him, he is a time clone of Barry Allen that is going to great limits to ruin his original self's life. I do agree some changes are necessary as long it stays true to the character or could make them more interesting.

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