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Old vs. New Horror Movie Remakes Romero Zombies Trilogy Face Off Edition

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I owe so much for George A. Romero's Dead series for getting me into the horror genre. These movies were legendary for their time that always brings you back for more. Even Romero has trouble trying to top his own works. I felt it is time for these topics to be done on my blog. Out of respect because I want to end this on such a great note. I am starting from Day of the Dead to Night of the Living Dead. These movies deserve so much respect since there's such a huge fan base on zombies in general.

Round 1: Day of the Dead (1985) vs. Day of the Dead (2008)
The third entry in one of the greatest horror movie series in history. Of course George A. Romero had to make zombie movie. Some consider Day of the Dead as the best of the series. Some things from this movie simply can't be recreated. How can you go about remaking such an unique horror movie?

The best version of Day of the Dead is 1985 version
This was no contest the 2008 version is terrible. There really isn't anything worth mentioning at all. It actually more of it's own story. Now I have no problem with remakes doing that as well it stays true enough to the original movie. Sadly this remake goes too far away from such a great movie. Also most characters in 1985 version do stand out. Probably Captain Rhodes & Bud are my favorite characters. Captain Rhodes is possibly the nastiest character in the entire series. Bud ends up being the biggest surprise of the movie. A zombie actually learning becoming good instead of simply eating people. This concept blew people's minds back then. Bud also triggers my favorite scene where he gets Captain Rhodes killed. 2008 version's story is very not interesting, boring & leaves you hanging. You wish there would be something to spice things up but nope. I highly recommend avoiding the 2008 version.

Winner: Day of the Dead (1985)

Round 2: Dawn of the Dead (1978) vs. Dawn of the Dead (2004)
For many people including myself, this is their favorite movie in the series. As a kid this was one of the very movies to get me scared. Now I see this as one of the greatest horror movies I ever seen. Dawn of the Dead was major inspiration in general. Of course there was a remake that actually surprised me with many people. This is going to be a tough one to decide which version is better?

The best version of Dawn of the Dead is 1978 version
Both of them are two of the absolute best zombie movies. Majority of both movies involves a group of survivors are held off inside a mall. Plenty of rememberable parts with a great cast. Both use some of the best looking zombies for their time. This is easily do you prefer classic slow moving zombies or modern fast moving ones? Honestly I prefer them being slow because you never know when there's one or a group waiting to eat you. At least with the fast ones you can hear them a few miles away. I like the 2004 version took some things I like about the original movie but built on it. Both movies has a great soundtrack that's still got people listening to. Some of the best gore scenes in any zombie movie are present in both movies. I would say this is really close for the right reasons. In the end it came simply down to one thing. It seems more is going on in 1978 version. Late in the movie, a lot of raiders attack the mall. I never seen another zombie movie had a similar moment like this. I also prefer the zombie transformations in 1978 version. They really out did themselves with all the work put in this movie. The mall featured in the movie is still around today. One of the raiders does cameo in a later movie as a zombie. This particular character is played by Romero's friend and legendary special effects guy Tom Savini. I also can't help I could name slightly more parts I like in 1978 version than 2004 version. I am not saying it's not a great remake by any means. Hell it is one of the finest I ever seen period. It is simply not as close as good as the original version. Romero really brought it with Dawn of the Dead. Possibly an candidate for one of the best horror movie sequels.

Winner: Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Round 3: Night of the Living Dead (1968) vs. Night of the Living Dead (1990)
My second favorite movie of this series. Night of the Living Dead was a very original idea. Before this movie got released, the only concept of zombies was in voodoo. One of the first movies George A. Romero ever made so happens to be one of the absolute best original horror movies ever. Night of the Living Dead really blew so many people's minds even by today's standards. This is also the only movie in the series to be in the public domain. I am aware there are officially two remakes of this movie. I still haven't seen Night of the Living Dead 3D. Even if I did I still wouldn't included it here. As stated before I wanted this to end up a great note. Tom Savini gets permission from Romero to make his own version of Night of the Living Dead. I got to be honest this actually is closer than Dawn of the Dead for many reasons.

The best version of Night of the Living Dead is 1990 version
Tom Savini took what I loved about the original movie but made it in some ways better. The main actress in 1968 version ends up being one of the worst characters. In 1990 version, the main actress is one of the movie's best characters. She actually does stuff to help rather than do nothing. Ben is the best character in 1968 version since he is doing what he can to survive with the others. He actually shows us real humanity which wasn't that common back then in horror movies. Also before anyone gets the wrong idea I wasn't implying racism. Ben in 1990 version is played by the same guy who played Candyman in that movie trilogy & the morgue guy in Final Destination series. Just trying to determine which Ben stands out more is difficult by itself. Of course we have to talk about Harry Cooper. In both versions this guy is such a dick to Ben. I do like the twist in 1990 version he was more of a gangster. Both movies uses their zombies incredibly well. Both do have similar endings with slight differences. Honestly a handful of things in 1990 version gave it the edge. Not including what I already said, I love the scene where Ben & Cooper were firing at each other. This particular part caught me off guard when I first saw it. Yes a good amount of 1990 version is similar in it's story to the original version. Where it truly shines is in it's gore, acting and nice twist at the very end. Cooper runs into Barbara to end up getting shoot in the head. I guess the basement wasn't so safe after all lol. Another thing I do like about 1990 version was how it sorta recreated that feeling when you watch the original. This is very rare for any remakes to get that feeling but this is one of those cases it worked. I highly recommend both movies as they're some of the finest among their era zombie movies. What I love in Night of the Living Dead 1968 version, I got more with 1990 version.

Winner: Night of the Living Dead

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