Friday, May 12, 2017

Top 5 More Things I Prefer DC over Marvel

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I wanted to show a little more of my DC side in this blog. DC left a huge impression on my life maybe not as much as Marvel. It is still one of the biggest inspirations in my life. I saved some of my personal reasons why I do prefer DC in other areas more than Marvel. Honestly doing it one way is already tough enough. I figured this should give people an idea how I view both sides.

5. Better Early Cartoons

This alone could piss a great deal of people right off. I seen some of the older Marvel cartoons in my child hood. I remember enjoying Super Friends most times I watched it. Classic Batman cartoons weren't bad for their time either. Some super heroes like Aquaman got their own shows. Obviously tone down a lot to be suitable for a younger audience may turn some people off or coming off a little dated. Honestly Super Friends was Justice League more recently many years ago. Probably one of the key reasons why most prefers Justice League shows did great. Surprisingly the voice acting holds up better in these DC cartoons than in Marvel's. I'm not saying they're terrible because some of it does work while others not so much. They did attempt doing the multiverse concept early on but quickly moved away from it. The fact remains if they never attempted it in the first. Shows like Batman the Animated Series would never existed. Really most newer DC cartoons do owe their existence to these shows. For the love of God take Teen Titans Go right off TV that's horrible.

4. Suicide Squad

There are similar concepts to some degree in both Marvel & DC. I felt Suicide Squad ends up working a little better than most give it credit for. Amanda Waller forces some of the inmates to do her dirty work. A couple of these events has secret objectives that eventually becomes clear to the team. Waller is one cold hard bitch that doesn't take crap from anyone. All people selected in this program has no choice but carry out these missions. In doing so gets their sentence time cut down & live. Everyone within that group has a small powerful bomb planted in their necks. Waller has great Intel almost everywhere making it difficult for Suicide Squad to do their thing. Some of these characters really doesn't work well with others. Basically this is like in real life the French Foreign Legion. An military unit of prisoners that chose to fight for French against a few armies instead of going back to prison. This is virtually the same situation all these criminals are in. The team is so unbalanced in many ways creating interesting possibilities. Such a crazy idea actually saved a lot of lives who knew lol.

3. The Speed Force

Hell yeah one of the most awesome forces within any comic book universes is The Speed Force. This force maintains a great amount of insane possibilities that should cease the universe's destruction. Anyone given powers by The Speed Force becomes either The Flash, Kid Flash or Reverse Flash. All of them becomes speedsters that are ridiculously fast. In fact most fast Marvel characters can't go even close to their level of speed. Just going by The Flash show on The CW. One can do some mind blowing things with these powers. You can heal much faster than most regular people including some fatal blows. The Speed Force itself also acts as it's own plain of existence. A speedster can actually trap allies or enemies inside gaining a huge advantage in a fight. The Speed Force is truly an unique thing in DC universe.

2. Injustice series

This is essential a fan service game to every DC fan. Both games are incredibly ambitious for an all stars fighting game. Originally DC came to Midway about making Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Sadly they were strict with what they could do & forced to tone down every character. Thankfully with Injustice: Gods Among Us, DC given them full control as long they maintain the rating they demanded. WOW still one of the best modern fighting games I ever played. So much dlcs to further built on it's awesomeness. The Mortal Kombat team now going by NetherRealm Studios are making these amazing games. More recently really pushing the envelope on Injustice 2. Already confirmed close to forty characters in the game. Although some of them are skins for other characters it's still awesome to have them. I can't wait to see all the dlc characters.

1. Batman

This should be obvious to many comic book fans. I already stated Batman is my all time favorite super hero. Even in his worst stories in comics, shows, games or movies. Batman always stands out in some way we don't forget. He is one of many timeless characters you can truly do anything with & still have it believable. Some of his stories are still being talked about among comic book fans. Batman is one of the original super heroes ever created. This guy does have some impressive feats that instantly blows your mind. At one point he has defeated the Justice League being one of the few members within it to do so. Batman is such an interesting character especially in difficult situations. Sometimes you never know what the Dark Knight will do. Batman is already legendary for a comic book character. His legacy is truly a true testament of time itself. Many people to some degree can relate to him. For so many people he comes off as the most believable super hero. Batman is officially the most popular DC super hero even beating out Superman. Everybody in most cultures knows Batman. What he stands for has greater meaning than what most writers could give credit to. I really can't say enough about how inspiring Batman is to everyone's lifes.

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