Thursday, June 8, 2017

Top 5 Secret Reoccurring Messages in The Simpsons

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, it's been a while since I did a Simpsons blog. So I figured to take on a tricky topic for you today. The five most reoccurring secret messages I noticed while watching The Simpsons. I'm caught up on every single episode to know all of them are still being done today.

5. Treehouse of Horror is a excuse to do risky concepts & get away with it
This shouldn't be a surprise to any Simpsons fan. In these episodes many of your favorite character dies. Some earlier stories actually come off more scary than being funny. The level of creativity alone in these Halloween episodes are mind blowing. Each story within these episodes are stand alone & non canon to majority of episodes. Thus they can pretty much do anything & yes I do mean anything they want.

4. Sometimes having too many characters strangely builds up humor
This is kinda a weird reoccurring message I keep noticing. Regularly having too many characters on screen can easily ruin the jokes. In many occasions however these characters do bring something to the show. In a weird way even in failed attempts there's something about it we fans loved. The Simpsons has a ridiculous amount of characters to begin with. You can't deny how ridiculous a little joke quickly becomes with so many characters. Obviously this is done better in earlier seasons.

3. The Simpsons family isn't that different from your family
Let's be honest The Simpsons family is very similar to many real life families. You will always get into arguments with them. No matter how bad things gets, you will stay together. Who doesn't have a dad somewhat like Homer or a mom like Marge? Most families has pets such as cats & dogs. The kids do go to elementary school. Homer works at a nuclear plant. Not everyone works there or at similar jobs. Homer does have including many non canon jobs. Sometimes you have to work multiple jobs for your family. Of course many of us has a grandpa similar to Abe Simpson including myself. Despite doing things only they can do. A good amount of their concept is exactly what a true family stands for.

2. Everyone is two faced

I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice this secret message. Probably the second most reoccurring secret message I kept noticing is everyone is two faced. That's right it doesn't even matter what the topic is. Even good people on this show has turned away from The Simpsons like Ned Flanders. You got to love having one of the Simpsons talked or believed into doing something. To only found out that's not what their friends wanted. In return quickly having people turned against them. This also occurs to many other reoccurring characters like Principal Skinner & Mayor Quimby. Even over something as little as playing a game or being interested in someone else gets you quickly into trouble. There are plenty of times the entire town of Springfield turned against The Simpsons. In fact one particular episode was tricking them into not coming to the town meeting to have them removed from it. This led to everybody moving not too far away from the old Springfield. The way things play out sometimes is ridiculous. Not Family Guy or South Park ridiculous but you still get the idea. Sometimes even The Simpsons family goes against each other. No body is truly safe in Springfield.

1. Everything actually exists within The Simpsons universe
This is hands down the most notable secret message of The Simpsons. Not including Futurama that's actually canon to some degree to The Simpsons since both shows were created by the same guy. Ever since the very first episode, The Simpsons kept bringing in so many pop culture classics. Even throwing in their games, almost everything you can possibly think of is secretly a part of The Simpsons. There is one of my favorite ending episode jokes. Where many different versions of The Simpsons shows up. This joke by itself proven my theory that everything in some form exists within The Simpsons universe. Although it is technically an episode of Family Guy, The Griffins did cross over with The Simpsons. Other cartoon icons like The Hills from King of the Hill has cameo on the show. More recently they heavily referenced Pokemon. Some of their newer cough gags are direct references to many cartoons like Ren & Stimpy, Robot Chicken, Rick & Morty with several others. In The Simpsons Game, they reference many video game franchises including EA themselves. The actual show kept makes insults towards Fox since they did agree to a crazy contract. Where no matter how insulting the joke is, Fox won't be allowed to cancel the show. This level of control over that channel alone allowed so much to be possible in the first place. No matter how you look at it, everything does in fact exists in The Simpsons universe. There's plenty of movie inspired episodes. The real possibilities of what The Simpsons can do is virtually limitless.

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