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Top 10 Least Favorite Marvel Super Villains

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this could be one of my most hated blogs yet. Yes I am naming a lot of popular characters many people like but I simply don't like at all. This is actually going to be more upsetting than it's hero counterpart.

10. Norman Osborn

Here is the thing I do like Green Goblin. I simply can't stand Norman Osborn himself. This guy really goes out of his way to do horrible things to Spider-Man. At one point he commanded the Dark Avengers team. Norman also inspired some similar villains like Hobgoblin & Demogoblin. Although Hobgoblin is easily the best out of the three in my opinion.

9. Sentinels

Don't get me wrong in X-Men stories, it is a must to have Sentinels. In most of the Marvel universe however not so much. Sentinels are designed to capture or kill mutants. Unfortunately they quickly turn on humans no matter how things play out. Of course I should mention a unique leader model called Master Mold. A giant mobile Sentinel factor that's one of the tallest machines in all of Marvel universe. Sentinels are easily a pest themselves that constantly hunt mutants not caring at all. Who gets harm or how they capture their targets.

8. Blackheart

Blackheart does have some similarities to his father Mephisto. Both enjoy attempting to corrupt heroes. Both have a realm where they're at their most powerful. Blackheart is one of Ghost Rider's most dangerous enemies. A being made purely out of darkness within an alley in New York City. Blackheart did over throw his father to get the biggest slap to the face imaginable. After losing to Ghost Rider, he joined a villain team with not much activity since. Also it doesn't help he loves going all out against any enemies.

7. Red Skull

Yes I know a lot of people may respect how he is Captain America's greatest enemy. I didn't put him on this list simply because he is a Nazi. Look at how many people would do that to simply get a reaction out of people. Red Skull is constantly trying to beat his nemesis even in Hell. This guy's way of thinking really makes you question his motivates & methods.

6. Juggernaut

WOW you must be kidding me right Jack? Let's be honest just like Sentinels, Juggernaut is also a must have villain in X-Men stories. Now with that out of the way, Juggernaut does the same exact things. He goes around destroying builds, challenging a super hero team or a powerful hero to a fight. His only real weakness involves removing the helmet. Which is easier said than done scenario. So many people who don't know the character label him as a mutant. Yet he was actually given powers by someone to be an avatar of a god true story. This gave him limitless stats along with immortality. This guy has all the makings of being unstoppable but his state of mind greatly holds him back.

5. The Leader

Speaking of minds, we should talk about Hulk's nemesis. The Leader is basically the ultimate brain to Hulk's ultimate body. This guy actually a coward that makes people do his own dirty work. Unlike Hulk, his mutation is flawed that's kinda confusing to explain. Sometimes he becomes smarter at random while other times he starts changing back before he got his powers. The Leader tries to out wit Hulk to best him. To this very day, he still haven't gotten a single win over Hulk. I mean come on The Abomination is more of a challenge.

4. Absorbing Man

One of several villains Thor's brother Loki gave powers. Absorbing Man was a criminal that was going to be sentenced to death. Loki found a way to trick him into drinking a potion to transform him into Absorbing Man. As his name strongly suggests he has the power to take traits of whatever he is touching. Depending on what it is, his durable could be slightly over a normal person or many times over. Of course he prefers using his ball & chain against all kind of enemies. This guy is sorta a test for super hero to prove they could handle god like beings that aren't powerful.

3. Mysterio

So many people compare Mysterio to DC's Scarecrow. Very soon I will be doing that once again. For right now Mysterio used to work on movies with special effects. He decided as a surprise to quickly become a criminal. Sadly this ended badly with his life falling apart from this mistake. Every since then, Mysterio always comes after Spider-Man from time to time. Just like DC's Scarecrow, Mysterio isn't a good fighter. Also his appearance is in between what I consider interesting & an absolute joke. I mean come on look his helmet oh scary a shining bowl helmet.

2. Scarecrow

Not a lot of people actually know Marvel has it's own Scarecrow character. Scarecrow not to be confuse with DC's Scarecrow used to work in the circus. He too was all about scaring people but palm sucks at it. Sometime after he died, he got revived with some powers. One of which includes manipulating people's fears. If it isn't obvious by now then let me explain why this Scarecrow sucks. Yes he does have some character traits over his DC counterpart. However everything else about his character is incredibly not hilariously boring. This guy isn't around as close as much as his DC counterpart. True story in a crossover story arc, both Scarecrows actually met each other. In a follow up story arc where many characters got combined into each other. Scarecrow was the only exception to maintain his original name following the merge. You see in DC, Scarecrow has plenty of ways on scaring people. Some of his appearances especially a select few in other forms of media are terrifying. Also he perfectly finds in many Batman story arcs. Sadly the same really can't be said for his Marvel counterpart. This is one of the very rare cases I strongly prefer the DC counterpart of it's Marvel counterpart.

Update: I didn't know at the time of writing this. There actually was two Scarecrows in Marvel universe. The other Scarecrow now goes by the name Straw Man. Based on what I know from a few websites. I do prefer Straw Man a lot more over this Scarecrow. Although both of them are still not much better than DC's Scarecrow. Straw Man is actually a super hero to my surprise.

1. Shuma-Gorath

Shuma-Gorath flat out just isn't fair to go up against. Not only physical attacks are completely useless. Being the God of Chaos, Shuma-Gorath constantly attacks your mind at a rate many magic users can't handle. Even some of the most powerful magic users like Dr. Strange has difficulty handling him. Just like Dormammu, Shuma-Gorath can survive even with his entire body being completely destroyed. One interesting fact is unlike most gods in Marvel universe. Shuma-Gorath has no true form but does prefer the form in the picture above since it does bring out fear in people. This being will even kill his own worshipers. Parts of him does fit Dr. Strange to a degree. At the same time being what many magic user's greatest challenge. It is difficult to imagine a mortal taking down a god like this.

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