Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Top 10 Horror Movie Killers that Predate My Existence

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I figured to go in an unexpected direction. I want to do my personal top 10 horror movie killers that predate my existence. This list only allows horror movie killers that originally debut late 1989 to up. Yes my birthday is 1989 close to thirty years now. My god horror movies sure change a lot. This is actually a tough list to put together for many reasons.

A lot of my personal favorites like Chucky & Freddy couldn't make this list. I will say I do recommend most of their movies to people.

10. Candyman

Candyman has three similar origins following a lot of the same things. He was an artist in love with a white woman during a terrible time. Many people really dislike their relationship to kill him in such a horrible way. In most of these origins he got one of his hands cut off & killed by a swarm of bees. It has been said anyone who says Candyman five times has him to appear. For many years, he stalks the bloodline of his lover's family. In the end all he wants is love eternally.

9. Gingerdead Man

I already said a lot about Gingerdead Man recently. Just like Child's Play, the killer dies. Although done differently his spirit gets put inside gingerbread man mix to become a living gingerbread man. Some of his kills are down right ridiculous. More recently he became a reoccurring character in Evil Bong series. Prior to that, he had a trilogy of horror movies. Let's be honest this was the closest of me having Chucky on my list without actually having him. Gingerdead Man somehow works in his own way. At least his movies are better than Jack Frost series.

8. The Crypt Keeper

I am kinda cheating a little bit here. Tales from the Crypt show was such a great show. Officially it got three movies with three stand alone stories. The Crypt Keeper tells horror stories of all types. Sure he isn't in those movies for long. Most of his parts are very rememberable especially those in Demon Knight movie. I just like The Crypt Keeper's dark humor.

7. Killjoy

Killjoy was a demon created by a man named Michael. He knew his life was in danger. Michael turned to dark arts to create a powerful demon named Killjoy to take revenges. In later movies, he has his demon clown friends. Killjoy took on Hell a few times in his movies. There's no way to get around the obvious at this point. Yes the first two Killjoy movies aren't great. Killjoy is such a great character from Fullmoon Features. It is true another movie company created Killjoy but Fullmoon Features did him justice.

6. Jigsaw Killer

John Kramer was on the verge of dying from cancer. Losing a child just before getting that news. After an attempt to kill himself while driving. This gave him an idea to how to save people. Although he forces people into death traps with strict rules. John is incredibly complex in how he puts many of his traps together. He would've been higher if it weren't for his apprentices. I am a huge fan of the original Jigsaw Killer.

5. Leprechaun

The entire story to Leprechaun is all over the place. Yes most of his weaknesses are thrown around too. Leprechaun is possibly a few thousand years old. Anyone that touches or steals his gold won't make it through the night. This small guy has some ridiculous kills including the famous kill from Leprechaun 4: In Space. Leprechaun is always entertaining even in the worst of these movies. Yes he is more funny than actually being scary I do agree with that. At the same time, not many horror movie killers have the same actor playing them in all the movies.

4. The Creeper

The Creeper is a vampire like creature that stalks humans for centuries. Every twenty third Spring for twenty three days devours people. To this day, The Creeper is one of the select few famous horror movie killers to not die. This creature will hunt you no matter what you do. Easily one of the scariest creatures from the early 2000s.

3. Ghostface

Multiple characters shared the atlas Ghostface. Their two key goals in every movies are very direct. Every kill is planned out just like horror movies. They want people to feel like they're in an actual horror movie. Every killer has a grudge relating to Sidney's family. Ghostface is pretty mixed among many horror movie fans. I like the fact anyone could be Ghostface.

2. Wishmaster

Wishmaster is one of the absolute craziest horror movie killers I ever seen. Any wish he receives, he grants it. In turn most of them will end up killing you in such horrible ways. The person that summoned him gets three wishes. If nothing stops the third wish, it will be Hell on Earth. Wishmaster has done things I couldn't even believe for the life of me. Some of the craziest kills I ever seen. If you want something difficult to accept but creative as hell. I recommend watching the first two movies.

1. Death

Who else deserves number 1 on this list. Death has plans for people dying in tragedies. The problem is always one person sees the flaw in his design. Which causes that person to save a handful of people from those tragedies. Every movie plays on different rules how Death goes about killing them. You simply won't believe how frickin crazy these kills actually are. Death has done things that I really can't unseen. No body to this day has survived Death. Actually it is impossible to do so since we are all meant to die at some point. Yes I know that's depressing but that's the one point the guy from the morgue pushes on them. Death has the largest kill count of any horror movie killer that's one person. Yes even more than Jason Voorhees. How could anything possibly be scarier than the Grim Reaper killing people? The simple answer is no body.

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