Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #2 Jack Frost 2

Happy 4th of July, I decided to release this earlier on a Tuesday to enjoy the holiday. Don't worry I got a huge list of horror movie sequels to cover.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I just changed plans on what you almost got this Wednesday. I remembered one of the absolute worst horror movie sequels I ever seen. It is so bad that not even the movie hides from it sheer awfulness. I am talking about Jack Frost 2 that not many people have seen. The original Jack Frost which shouldn't be confused with similar title movies. Involves another Chucky rip off that becomes a living killer snowman that goes around killing people. This concept by itself is already ridiculous to not be scary.

Right off the bat my first two problems are obvious. The title is not only too long for a horror movie but also one of the worst for a horror movie sequel. This front cover is hilariously bad for many reasons. At least with the original Jack Frost cover looked scary. This is much worse than the previous movie. Let's be honest there isn't anything particularly good about this movie at all. The acting took a notable step down. Many death scenes are stuff right out of cartoons like The Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry. For example, Jack transforms himself from the top of a tree into a giant block of ice to kill a woman.

Oh yeah he makes his own mutant killer snowball children. I really couldn't help noticing they're a little too similar to those creatures from Critters series. They're roughly the same size with similar teeth that act the same. Clearly Jack Frost 2 doesn't even take itself seriously. They actually allowed an actor to fall thrown the set of the movie to remain in the movie. Jack was tone down a lot to be more like a cartoon character. Yes he still curses but most of his new lines sucks. Should I mention that this is taking place on Christmas during some people's vacations. In real life in a short filming period it actually rained the entire time.

The original Jack Frost wasn't in hot demand like many horror movie classics. Why was it so damn necessary to make such a horrible sequel? This movie has one of the absolute stupidest weaknesses for any horror movie villain. Originally heat & anti freeze were his weaknesses until a fight with the sheriff. Parts of that police officer's DNA fused with his making Jack immune to both those weaknesses. Yet he gains a fatal weakness to are you ready for this. Drum rolls please.... bananas yes you heard me correctly.

Jack having too much bananas causes him to explode. This by itself already further ruins any chances this movie had left. The special effects are some of the worst I seen in a horror movie sequel. For example Jack throws a snowball at a man's arm that blown it off in one hit. A lot of terrible characters in this movie. This movie may only be watchable to those constantly searching for very bad horror movies. Otherwise I highly recommend avoiding this movie at all costs.

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