Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Top 10 Dark Comedy Movies

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I cover a topic not many people take seriously. Let's be honest some horror movies has unexpected humor that keeps bringing you back. No matter how dark it gets which is why I'm making my list. All of these movies are more funny than scary horror movies that are mixed by people. I hope I don't go too far out there with what makes me laugh.

10. Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust

I do agree Gingerdead Man 2 was the best out of the trilogy. I do like some of the humor is directly attacking parts of making a movie. This movie quickly gets more ridiculous as it goes on. I know some of you are wondering why not Gingerdead Man 3? I felt most of it fall flat after the beginning. At least with Gingerdead Man 2, I could name some funny parts. This movie isn't meant to be taken seriously at all.

9. Stan Helsing

This is a parody of Van Helsing taking on parodies of horror movie killers. Yes I can't be more direct than that since the plot is all about it. Stan suddenly becomes the hero take these monsters down. Some of the humor does work with plenty of okay moments. I have seen better parody movies like Spaceballs. I will be honest to say this is better than most of Scary Movies series.

8. Lumberjack Man

My favorite parody rip off of Friday the 13th. Lumberjack Man is very ridiculous when you pick a lot of stuff together. He was a lumberjack man making pan cakes. Then a man comes into his home to share pan cakes. The moment he tasted his family's specialty syrup things got ugly. To sum it up this man killed the lumberjack man & stole it. Lumberjack Man goes around killing people to use their blood in his giant size pan cakes. Did I say X-Play's Adam Sessler is in this movie lol.

7. Eight Legged Freaks

Probably one of my favorite insect movies ever. Eight Legged Freaks is a parody to spider movies. Yes this would be the lightest in overall theme. You can't deny there is some sick humor in this movie. I felt this was one of the better parody movies of my era. Eight Legged Freaks does hold up well. If you love giant spiders & need to laugh then go watch this movie.

6. Bride of Chucky

Granted this is very close of being scary & funny. Some felt they went a little funnier than they should. Others felt it had the right level of humor including myself. We all do agree Seed of Chucky wasn't a good movie. Maybe next Wednesday I'll cover that who knows. Bride of Chucky does have some clever humor.

5. Shaun of the Dead & The Return of the Living Dead

For me this is a tie for a lot of reasons. I really couldn't decide which funny zombie movie was funnier. Hell let's put both of them in the same spot. Shaun of the Dead is more direct with it's humor. The Return of the Living Dead quickly gets crazier as the movie goes on. I think most of us can agree a lot of people still watch these movies. Both of them are great parody movies that more people really need to watch.

4. Bloodsucking Bastards

Let's take Shaun of the Dead but move inside an office building & replace zombies with vampires. You have Bloodsucking Bastards I recently seen this movie. I got to be honest this movie was much funnier than what I was expecting. A lot of great funny moments to keep bringing you back for more. I do recommend this for those trying to find something refreshing with vampires.

3. Funny Man

Special thanks to the youtube user You & Your Horror Movies. He did a video with a top 10 killer clown movies. I knew as so as I looked more into Funny Man that I would love it. Funny Man does remind me of several horror movie icons. This movie goes the extra mile of doing some terrible things to people. The Funny Man himself is very entertaining to watch.

2. Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare

Granted this movie is hands down more funny than actually being scary. This had some of the best & worst jokes of the franchise. Who doesn't remember the power glove scene lol. Some of these scenes are pure comedy gold. Honestly I still enjoy watching this movie a lot. Freddy's Dead may not been the perfect conclusion to the series. At the same time it still held up because of Robert Englund.

1. Leprechaun

I knew as soon as I started this list what number 1 was going to be. Some may argue Leprechaun in the Hood is funnier. I do agree that movie was funny but the original Leprechaun had more laughing harder. Some of these scenes are flat out ridiculous. Such as him driving around a wheel chair in a hospital or chasing someone while on roller skates. Leprechaun may miss the mark in being scary. This movie is easily one of the funniest I have ever seen. Warwick Davis does a great job bringing you back for more. This movie sure gets a lot of unneeded hate. There exists worse Leprechaun movies that I refuse to talk about. Leprechaun is comedy gold that deserves more people to enjoy it's sheer level of craziness.

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