Sunday, July 9, 2017

Outside the Main Resident Evil Time Line Events

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, now it's time for all the main events that aren't a part of the main Resident Evil canon. Basically all of them do take place during all the major events but they weren't as important. It is kinda like how Konami treats Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.

1. A forgotten event in 1998

Taking place in Sheeva Island after the destruction of Raccoon City. Ark Thompson a friend of Leon loses his memory. Shortly after waking up believes he is Vincent Goldman who was commander of a few Umbrella facilities. It turns out he wasn't Vincent Goldman after all. He was determine to destroy Umbrella facilities. This led to a few confrontations with the Hypno Tyrant. In the aftermath, Ark Thompson escapes the city.

2. A crazy boat ride

A few years later in 2002, a scientist named Morpheus became obsessed with T-G Virus. Bruce McGivern a member of the U.S. Stratcom goes on a ship to investigate. Not only he discovers Morpheus was behind everything. He also found out about Umbrella as well. This led to killing Morpheus. He also runs into Fong Ling who works for the Chinese MSS.

3. Umbrella Corps

In 2015, secretly several soldiers are fighting for BOWS. I wish I could add more to this but that's it.

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