Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #3 Phantasm: Ravager

I apologize I got busy during the week. Thankfully I already selected the bad horror movie sequel for the week. Yes I am posting what already should've been up this past Wednesday on Saturday.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, today I will review the final Phantasm movie. OMG I have some huge complaints relating to this movie. For me I felt this wasn't the ending we all deserved. Regardless I will cover it in full detail.

The first two Phantasm movies are some of the craziest movies I ever seen. Phantasm 3 is where the series started to go down but it didn't fall that bad. Phantasm 4 is usually considered the worst of the series. Although I could name more good things from that movie than Phantasm: Ravager. From beginning to end even if you seen all the previous movies. You will be really confused watching this now that I guarantee.

It constantly switches different point of view around. Yes I know you shouldn't believe what you see in these movies. In this rare occasion I really had trouble telling what actually was happening. I am glad three of the regular actors are in this movie. I do feel very bad for Angus Scrimm since he died before this movie got released. In fact this movie had the most trouble before release since Phantasm 2. I will be honest the big twist relating to the Tallman was stupid. A huge spoiler there are ten of thousands Tallmans waiting in an dimension that never got named.

I prefer as soon as he dies, he quickly found his way back for revenge. Let's be honest that twist ruined the Tallman. Some of the worst moments of the entire series is in this movie. The actual ending didn't end things with the Tallman at all. This movie was a big confusing mess that didn't know what was going on. Look I can respect complex movies, anthology style ones & the multiverse concept. This is just not acceptable by any means. Sadly I was very disappointed by this final Phantasm movie. I really did try to like it. In conclusion avoid this movie at all costs folks. It simply isn't worth the time & money to find.

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