Friday, July 21, 2017

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays Bonus #1 Hellraiser (Hellraiser: Inferno to Hellraiser: Hellworld)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, let's be honest I easily could fill a couple of Wednesdays with Hellraiser sequels. I felt since a couple of them are guilty of the same thing. It would be better to include them all in one bonus blog. Yeah we're going off into the deep end now folks. I have seen all of those movies a few times. Considering I am doing this, the next one will be Hellraiser: Revelations. It is so bad that I really don't wanna do it.

1. Hellraiser: Inferno

Hellraiser started out great with a good sequel. From Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth it did start going down. Hellraiser: Bloodline has some things going for it. Starting from Hellraiser: Inferno to Hellraiser: Hellworld. The movie company decided to not start over with a new script. Instead they quickly wrote in Pinhead with some elements & called it a day. Hellraiser: Inferno feels more like a twisted cop movie than anything else. Most kills aren't great that do come off boring. This corrupt cop is hunting a man responsible for a few murders. It turns out the fingers he keeps finding are from his child self. The actual killer was his darkside. The moment this guy opened the box, he was trapped inside his personal hell to constantly relive everything repeatedly. Although that's twisted for an Hellraiser movie. This movie did little to nothing to make it more like an Hellraiser movie. I mean come on where's the cenobites or seeing hell itself. This movie is already a broken promise that got worse with the next few movies.

2. Hellraiser: Hellseeker

Surprisingly the actress who played Kirsty Cotton from the first two movies returns. You can quickly tell her character isn't that person at all. You keep getting all these weird in your face moments. As the movie goes on it continues to not feel like a true Hellraiser movie. This is about a man searching to find out what happened in that crash. From his point of view, his wife died making things difficult. It turns out Kirsty made a deal with the cenobites. She screwed her husband over directly with a gun. This is not the real Kirsty Cotton from the first two movies. Yes we did convince the cenobites to stop her uncle who escaped hell. She also convinced them about who they were alive to have them turn against Channard Cenobite. Clearly those were to help them out since they represent order within hell. But here she willingly kills her own husband for them? To sum it up this guy was already dead the entire time. His wife survived the crash with the box. Some of the worst & pointless Hellraiser scenes are in this movie.

3. Hellraiser: Deader

This was one of two movies that came out 2005. Usually movies filmed back to back turn out horrible. Although the later movie comes out the following year. This is a rare thing to have two filmed back to back sequels coming out the same year. Which means we're already going in a horrible direction. Hellraiser: Deader is about a reporter looking into a cult. These people found a way to live pass death. It turns out their leader was an descendant of the man who created the box. This is stupid because most of his blood line are good people. But here is a man crazy enough to kill people then revive them. If you want a good movie with a similar concept I highly suggest Re-Animator. This lady summons the cenobites to take care of this cult. She ends up committing suicide not knowing more people could be looking into the same case. At least that's what a part of the ending suggests who really cares. This is surprisingly worse than the previous two movies.

4. Hellraiser: Hellworld

OMG Hellraiser: Hellworld is so bad. In fact I debated about what's actually worse this or Hellraiser: Revelations. Both of them are an insult to anyone into Hellraiser franchise. Hellraiser: Hellworld just going by it's cover. You already know you just got ripped off badly. This is about a group of teenagers going to a party hosted by their dead friend's father. Some of the weirdest death scenes in any Hellraiser movies is found here. Believe it or not this movie starts quickly getting boring. Not only it doesn't even come close to what a true Hellraiser movie feels like. They didn't do a great job covering what this movie was originally going to be. It turns out the host wants his son's friends to die. He does kill two of them before escaping. One of the last things you get to see is him summoning the cenobites. You would think Pinhead being the usually demon to kill people to finish this man off right? Wrong two of his demon servants as shown in the picture above used a huge chained blade weapon cut this guy in pieces. WOW we don't even get to see Pinhead directly kill anyone is a major disappointment. Also how the hell did anyone put up a website all about the cenobites & the box? You would think hell would have a huge problem with that. If you want something similar that's both scary & more worth your time then go watch an horror anime called Hell Girl. There is absolutely nothing good about this movie at all. Officially the last movie Doug Bradley played Pinhead. In the next two movies replaced him with a few actors.

Just imagine a movie company easily could've cancelled four movies or actually paid the money to create new scripts. Not quickly editing it into a Hellraiser movie to cash in on the franchise. Which isn't making a lot of money to begin with. I could accept Halloween III being different from the rest of them. I really upset the movie companies involved with these terrible movies allowed them to be released. These movies are insulting all of us into the Hellraiser franchise & thinking we can suck a lot of people over it. Maybe over zombie, shark & ghost movies yeah. But Hellraiser is something truly unique among demon movies. You simply can not recreate what it brought to the genre. Hellraiser really deserves better than this. I am really surprised Clive Barker allowed this to happen. If I were him, I would sue them over all four movies for all the money they collected from people. I would give their money & buy them other classic movies instead. No body deserves to be treated this way. Bottom line the only thing I could name is actually lower than this is what a movie company called The Asylum doing. They love making their mockbuster movies to come out as soon as those expected blockbusters hit movie theaters. Even their president flat out stated yeah we're crooks. I speak for a lot of people when I say if we do need another Hellraiser movie. It better have Clive Barker's personal involvement & a much higher budget. The last thing I want to hear is this was suppose to be another movie. How does Hollywood allow such terrible things to happen is beyond me.

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