Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #5 Hellraiser: Revelations

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, very recently I did a bonus blog for this series. In it I covered four bad Hellraiser sequels that all share the same major problem. Today as promised I will be talking about possibly the most hated Hellraiser movie to date. Hellraiser: Revelations that I can honestly hammered way more than seven ways to Sunday. This movie is legendary for being so damn bad. Don't worry I'm doing this so no body has to suffer.

OMG where to begin in describing how terrible this movie actually is? By now it is common knowledge that Doug Bradley who played Pinhead in eight movies isn't in this movie. I got to be honest the main Pinhead as shown in the picture above looks more like a parody movie character. I can't stress this enough I actually seen better looking Pinheads in fan films. Believe it or not, this movie has two Pinheads what?

Yes it's true with a surprise return of Chatterer, one of the original cenobites. This movie was really made in a hurry with the lowest budget of the franchise. In fact so low if Bradley would've came back he would been paid for a price of a new fridge. What a well respected actor getting such a low amount is an insult to his legacy. The big reason behind the rush is they really didn't want to lose the rights while having a remake being made. Thank god Clive Barker is making that movie.

The movie is reharshing the first two movies. You have a bad person that escaped Hell that is trying to survive. In the end gets killed again by the cenobites. A good amount of this movie is shown through a video camera. Some of the worst acting you will ever seen in any horror movie. This is the only movie you see the creepy homeless man kill anybody. The ending itself is incredibly horribly done. Don't get me wrong I always was curious to see what would happen if the person they wanted to torture the way back to Hell gets killed. I felt this could've been a lot better than it actually is.

I also felt they really didn't know how to end the movie. To me it was very obvious that no body in the movie wanted to be in it. From start to finish this movie is surprisingly boring. I do give it credit that this was planned to be an Hellraiser sequel. Unlike the previous four movies that rushed Hellraiser elements in at the last minute because they're too lazy to do the right thing. However rushing out a sequel in a very short amount of time is just as serious of a problem in my eyes.

We are talking about Hellraiser, one of the scariest things you will ever see. Then comes Hellraiser: Revelations to completely take all the fun out of it. This movie could've been a lot better with more time. I seen better low budget horror movies including The Terminator that's sorta a mix between horror, sci fi & action. Even the first two Evil Dead movies were low budgets but man people can't get enough of them.

In my opinion it really doesn't matter how big or small your budget is. What actually matters is if you with your team are willing to go the distance to give us a great movie. This movie will leave a terrible taste in your mouth for the wrong reasons. Let's be more direct neither Pinheads in this movie can compare to Doug Bradley's.

I don't even think Clive Barker the guy who wrote the books gave them permission to make this. How can they get away by making a movie inspired by his work but has nothing to do with him is beyond me. All the kills in this movie is worse than what you would see in fan films now that's just sad. Not a single kill is worth revisiting this horrible abomination of a movie. Please avoid this movie at all costs. I am aware there's people that enjoy very bad horror movies. I doubt even they would enjoy this movie.

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