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The Entire Resident Evil Time Line by Jack Red

Updated with information on canon dlcs of Resident Evil VII.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I already know Capcom did this officially but I still wanted to do it. A lot of fans including myself are strict about how exactly to go about such a crazy time line. Thankfully this is far from some of the most confusing game series. Today I am here to cover the entire Resident Evil time line. I won't be covering the movies since those are mostly straight forward & not faithful to it's source material. I will include things from some spin off games in this blog.

Of course I will start with the main time line. This will take some research for those relatively new or those confuse about the order of events. Also I will say only the most important key parts of each game's story. Otherwise we will be here all day or possibly up to three.

Caution this will be a lengthy blog. Please take as many breaks you will need as you continue reading. I hope in me shorting it down does help things a little bit.

I haven't played any of REVII's dlcs yet. As soon as I do, I will edit them into this blog. Also I will do a quick follow up on remaining parts of the game time line.

Main Series Time Line

1. One day prior to Resident Evil

S.T.A.R.S. Bravo was tasked with investigation the Arklay Forest. Rebecca Chambers is the newest recruit that ends up teaming up with Billy Coen. A man sentenced to death that was being transported. It turns out Dr. Marcus got revived inside his Queen Leech while developing the T-Virus. Billy gets a free pass to live his life. Rebecca goes to the Spencer Mansion shortly afterwards.

2. Resident Evil the true horror begins

No word from S.T.A.R.S. Bravo caused S.T.A.R.S. Alpha to find the other team while investigating. A handful of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha got inside the Spencer Mansion. The deeper Chris & Jill went, the more they realized Umbrella was behind everything. It turns out their captain Wesker wanted to clear his tracks of both Umbrella & S.T.A.R.S. for good. In the end only five members of S.T.A.R.S. with Rebecca being the solo survivor of Bravo escaped.

3. A few months later the event that shocked the world
One point of view was Jill a former member of S.T.A.R.S. had to survive a city wide crisis. This was made worse when a unique Tyrant called Nemesis tracking any remaining S.T.A.R.S. members. Thanks to a former Umbrella soldier Carlos Oliveria & her old friend Barry Burton. Jill just within a few seconds barely escaped the city before the nuke sent by the US government hit.

I should point out the first half of RE3 takes place before RE2. The remaining half of RE3 is after RE2.

Another point of view was a rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy & Chris's sister Claire had to survive. Both being stalked by a mutated Dr. Birkin & Tyrant-103 a successor to Tyrant-002. Leon got help from spy named Ada while Claire had Dr. Birkin's daughter Sherrie. This led to Ada almost dying to escape with a sample of the G-Virus. A similar scenario for Hunk aka Mr. Death to also escape with a G-Virus sample. Everybody found their own way of escaping the city prior to it's destruction.

A forgotten point of view was a group of survivors went through all kinds of Hell. Each person had a unique skill set that could've made them the ultimate team. Sadly in the end all eight of them died during the Raccoon City event.

4. A few months later in two main Umbrella locations

Late December of 1998, Claire Redfield got caught while intruding in Umbrella's French base of operations. She got transported to Rockford Island. A place under the command of Alfred Ashford a descendant of his grandfather Edward. One of three founding members of Umbrella. In secret Wesker was keeping a close on Claire. After what seem like a escape turned into a trap. Along with Steve Burnside explored some of Antarctica's base. Once again they almost got away when the real Alexia awoken. Her brother Chris arrived at Rockford Island. During his time there discovers Wesker is involved. Eventually Chris found a jet to get to Antarctica's base. Chris was able to take down Alexia Ashford. It was during their escape Chris decided to have a showdown with Wesker. Although it was short lived they both knew the day would come to settle the score for once & for all. Redfields escaped in the same jet.

5. A few years later in Brazil

In 2002, Javier the leader of a drug cartel the Scared Snakes contacted Wesker. This caused many girls close to his daughter's age to disappear. US government sent Leon & Jack Krauser to Brazil to investigate. Their guide got killed on their way. They found out almost everything going on. Manuela survived to be put under strict watch due to her body had T-Veronica Virus. Krauser supposedly died in a crash shortly afterward this event.

6. A year later in Russia

In 2003, Jill & Chris are now members of a B.O.W. unit. Their mission is to investigate Umbrella's Russia base of operations. If T.A.L.O.S. exists it must be destroyed at all costs. Deep inside this facility they found out this creature is very real leading to a intense battle.

Wesker arrived just before Jill & Chris to invade inside that base. Sergei sent two tyrants created from his DNA to take care of him. Around the time Chrils & Jill took on T.A.L.O.S., Wesker found Sergei. This time Sergei infects himself with the virus to become a mutated Tyrant creature. Wesker quickly take care of him & the super computer AI Red Queen. Not once his enemies close by even noticed Wesker was there. Shortly after this event Wesker sent the data he sent to the authorities with nothing connecting him. This led to the fall of Umbrella.

7. A year later in Europe

In 2004, Ashley the president's daughter gets kidnapped. She was given to a mysterious cult called Los Illuminados. US government sent in Leon to bring her back to the president. During this event Leon & Ashley became infected with a parasite called Las Plagas. Ramon Salazar got Ashley transported to where Lord Saddler is. Thanks to Ada Wong, Leon made it to the island. He finds out Krauser is not only alive but was the one to kidnap Ashley. This led to a confrontation between the two. Leon found a way to remove their parasites. This led to the confrontation between Leon & Saddler. Although Ada forced Leon to give her a sample of Las Plagas. She gave him her jet ski key to escape the island.

In Ada's story Luis was working with her to retrieve a master Las Plagas from Saddler. Shortly after Leon's fight with Krauser. Ada had no choice but take down Krauser. She prevented Saddler from following Leon & Ashley. Although Saddler was on the ground, one of his tentacles caught her by surprise. During Leon fighting Saddler, she gets a powerful rocket launcher to give to him. Shortly after this event she gave Wesker a fake sample. The real master Las Plagas sample went to their employers.

8. Two related events caused by the same terrorist group Veltro

In 2004 the first city capable of using just one energy source was created. However a terrorist group called Veltro launches a viral attack among it. This led to the US government using a satellite to melt the city.

A year later in 2005, the mysterious terrorist group returns. Jill & Parker are searching the ship Queen Zenobia. Meanwhile Chris & Jessica are searching for their friends. Quint & Keith are investigating close by where Chris & Jessica were. Everyone uncovers a great deal relating to Veltro. It turns out the terrorist group Veltro was FBC in disguise the entire time. The director of BSAA himself was involved in that event. Chris & Jill meet up to explore a related ship to Queen Zenobia. In this ship it was discovered a man named Jack Norman was being used by FBC. They were behind everything to keep FBC going by doing the absolute opposite to survive. In the aftermath, Morgan was arrested & BSAA director O'Brian steps down.

9. The Raccoon City survivors are back together

In 2005,a man named Curis Miller caused a viral outbreak at a airport. US government sent in soldiers & Leon since he had prior experience to BOWs. Claire with a few people became trapped inside that airport. Thanks to Leon, Claire survived. It turns out Curtis wanted revenge over WilPharma Corporation a rival of Umbrella's. Frederic Downing was behind everything going on. Claire set a trap to get Downing arrested. This led to WilPharma's bankruptcy that got bought by Tricell.

10. The end of Umbrella's last surviving founder
Chris & Jill's next assignment in 2006, a mysterious tip on the wherebouts of Oswell E. Spencer. Last surviving founder of Umbrella. It turns out Wesker was here to kill him. Not long after Spencer dies, Chris & Jill confronts Wesker. This led to Jill's disappearance for a few years.

11. A few years later in Africa

In 2009, Chris & Sheva Alomar to investigate Africa. They went after a man named Ricardo Irving. Who was in contact with a mysterious man. You find out this new virus is a mixture of several viruses & Las Plagas called Uroboros Virus. Jill is still alive under the control of Wesker. It turns out due to her antibodies, Wesker used her to create this virus. Chris & Sheva saved Jill before continuing their chase after Wesker. This led to a few confrontations with Wesker to put him down for good.

Just before the final confrontation between Chris & Wesker. Another member of BSAA named Josh ran into Jill. They were able to escape in time to help Chris & Sheva.

12. Back to Europe

In 2011, Leon was sent in to investigate about rumors of BOWs being used. After finding out there are BOWs, he went against orders to take care of the threat. It turns out US government wasn't focused on the right people. Leon runs into a small group of people fighting against the president of the Eastern Slav Republic. She was behind the viral outbreak in her own country. During the aftermath, she was forced to resigned.

13. A several related events (2012-2013)

The president dies who was a close friend of Leon. Helena teams up with Leon to investigate the new virus. Later on they realize a man named Derek Simmons is behind everything. Carla sent an unpleasant surprise to Simmons causing him to mutate. After several encounters Simmons dies clearly both their names.

Chris was going through a difficult time in his life. The last few missions being the only survivor has left it's toll on him. An member from BSAA named Piers Nivans convinced him to do a mission. His main objective was to arrest Ada Wong. Later on they found out about their ultimate creation called Haos. During this encounter Piers becomes infected but was able to maintain his humanity. In order to help his commanding officer Chris to escape.

Sherry Birkin now an government agent was task with finding the only person immune to the new virus. Jake Muller ended up being that man becoming her top priority. A monster named Ustanak chasing Jake to capture him. Neo Umbrella captures them to use his DNA to make C-Virus even deadlier. Although Jake had many questions about his father Wesker. He decided to save humanity with Sherry's help. Jake went a lot cheaper for his blood than he originally wanted out of kindness. This blood was the cure to C-Virus.

Ada was determine to put an end to Simmons for good. She helps Leon out several times. Thanks to the wrong information, Ada has to be constantly on the run. She finishes off Carla aka Fake Ada. During the aftermath she located their laboratory to destroy it.

14. Another important event during 2013

Claire with Moira Burton Barry's Daughter got kidnapped. They got sent to an island to be a part of a sick game. Claire & Moira works their way up to the Overseer. It turns out Neil betrayed Terrasave by handing many members over to Alex Wesker. Not too long Claire & Moira met up with her to only witness a suicide. Moira gets trapped while Claire escapes the island.

During the six month period, Natalia gets captured by Wesker. She attempted corrupting her inside a simulation. Unexplained Natalia escaped from Wesker.

During the six month period thought to be dead. Moira was living with a old man named Evgeny. He taught her how to use a gun with a few skills. Sadly Evgeny after finding out his daughter died. He chose to die in his bed.

Barry made it to the island to meet up with Natalia. He made sure to follow her trail. Eventually he met up with Alex Wesker. He became determinate to stop her for good. Moira was alive & well thanks to Evgeny. Claire fired a rocket to kill Alex before escaping with Barry, Moira & Natalia. During the aftermath Barry adopts Natalia officially becoming his third daughter.

15. Daughters

In 2014, a mysterious little girl infects a family. Transforming most of them & Mia into monsters. This was the beginning to a series of tragedies.

16. Long Awaited Return

A black market dealer named Glenn Arias started a viral outbreak. Rebecca Chambers whose a college professor quickly figured out the a-virus. Some of Arias' people kidnapped Chambers. Chris got Leon on board with taking Arias down. Arias is planning to cause a bigger viral outbreak through trucks. At the same time using Rebecca to create a deadlier version of the virus. It took Chris & Leon working together to kill Arias. Rebecca sends out the information of a cure to stop the viral outbreak.

19. Bedroom, 21 and Nightmare aka the terrible end of Clancy
A lot of lost footage of an cameraman named Clancy was later recovered. The Baker family put Clancy through the worst kind of Hell imaginable.

18. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard

A few years later, a family mysteriously disappears. After Mia disappears, her husband Ethan goes to Louisiana. He discovers almost everyone he runs into isn't in their right mind. Later on two cures get made but Ethan was force to use one on Jack Baker. This forces Ethan to choose who to save. Although we all know he would quickly chose his wife. It turns out a BOW named Eveline manipulated people against their will including his wife. This led to Ethan killing Eveline. Ethan & Mia get saved by Chris Redfield.

19. End of Zoe & Not a Hero

Zoe's uncle Joe searched for a cure to save his niece from dying by the hands of Eveline. Around the same time Chris Redfield hunts Jack's son Lucas. There are reports of newer moldy creatures in both incidents.

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