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Top 10 Most Consistent Horror Movie Franchises

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, let's be honest even with some of the biggest names in horror. Almost every horror movie franchise doesn't stay consistent. I am not looking for perfection by any means. I am simply looking for those that continues to impress me as a long time horror movie fan. Oh boy this is going to be a tough list to put together. Just remember your pal Jack is willing to go to extreme highs for entertainment purposes.

Even if it had one bad movie, to bounce back with greatness does go a long way. Also not everyone will agree with my choices. This is one of many lists that for everyone will be different. I am only showcasing mine for entertainment purposes, they're not facts just only my opinion. Mostly considering the original movie franchise. Maybe in the near future I could do a reboot version of this.

Sadly Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Phantasm and a few more won't be on this list. I will say I do enjoy watching majority of their movies. Please don't get mad, get glad.

10. Saw series

We kick things off with one of the more recent horror movie series I like. Saw has people trapped inside crazy situations to attempt surviving them. Of course most of Jigsaw's victims do die horribly in them. I won't argue the first three movies are hands down the best Saw movies. I also agree from Saw 4 the series did start going down. But it didn't fall down very bad until the final movie. I do like how it tells the story although you should start from the original. Each movie adds stuff that we didn't get to see in previous movies was a nice touch. It also became one of the most annoying problems Saw had. Why because some of the later movies you will notice the main character has smaller personal connection to Jigsaw. This by itself makes flashback scenes not as necessary. Sometimes these scenes do change the feeling entirely. I do agree some of these scenes are among the best of them. I am just stating Saw's story can be a little more complex than it appears to be. Yes spoiler three people are behind all of this. You quickly notice whose trap is what after paying attention long enough. I always enjoy the brutal kills these traps has. If it weren't for the final movie, Saw would've been higher on my list.

9. Killjoy series

The first two Killjoy movies were made by different companies. OMG those were terrible movies but thankfully Fullmoon did the series justice. Starting with Killjoy 3, each new Killjoy movie is great. Adding a great deal about the demonic clown himself. Some of the scenarios in these movies isn't suppose to take seriously. Honestly it does help stand out more from many killer clown movies. Killjoy is entertaining to watch almost the entire step of the way. I do like his clown friends brings something different to the table. All of that keeps making things more interesting. More recently Killjoy got his own show in our world. He fought against Hell at a huge disadvantage & won. I do like the dark humor in these movies. I highly recommend Killjoy 3 & up to those into killer clown movies. Easily one of the best Fullmoon franchises.

8. Puppet Master series

Puppet Master will always be my favorite Fullmoon franchise. I remember at my child hood house, a neighbor gave me the first five Puppet Master movies on VHS. Oh boy I quickly went home to watch them. I honestly wanted more of them as time went on. Both Curse of the Puppet Master & Puppet Master: The Legacy are terrible. Although many people didn't like Retro Puppet Master, I actually kinda like it. I always enjoy watching these puppets killing people in such violent ways. A good variety of puppets over the years does keep things interesting. Possibly the biggest movie franchise on this list. Do I even need to state how terrible Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys was? Majority of these movies are worth rewatching. I also like how interesting the time line gets with each new movie. More recently in a trilogy of movies, they're taking on the Nazis. I like the idea that anyone could be their puppet master. I do wish Torch would appear in more movies. This series alone help put Fullmoon on the map.

7. Tales from the Crypt movies

Before I go further yes I'm aware of the older two movies. The Vault of Horrors wasn't officially a sequel to Tales from the Crypt. Although both movies do pull stories from many comic brands including The Vault of Horror. I'm here to talk about the movies related to Tales from the Crypt show. Bordello of Blood is smack right in the middle in two different ways. I'm not being perverted by saying that. Bordello of Blood was the second movie that wasn't great. Ritual originally got released direct to video without Tales from the Crypt trademark stuff. In later rereleases, the trademark with the Crypt Keeper parts are brought back. Everyone knows Demon Knight was the best thing from this show. It is a very good movie that more people need to see. I do feel like Ritual was okay enough to keep these movies on my list. Sure the later movies have some tough flaws to look past. I will say I do enjoy Bordello of Blood a lot more than Ritual. Just two of these movies would've got them higher on my list.

6. Creepshow series

We can't include Tales from the Darkside The Movie since it isn't technically related. Although a lot of the same people worked on them. I am glad I don't have to include Creepshow III since that's not an official sequel. The smallest horror movie franchise on this list. Creepshow has a few short stories with a great variety. I do enjoy seeing The Creep especially in Creepshow 2. Some of these movies are made exclusively for these movies. A select few are actually based on short stories by Stephen King like The Raft. It is hard to believe both Stephen King & George A. Romero worked on these movies. I felt these movies held up better than Tales from the Crypt movies. I also like seeing Stephen King being in one of these stories. These movies got me more interested in horror anthology movies.

R.I.P. George A. Romero

5. Re-Animator series

Now here's an interesting take on zombies. A mad scientist found a way to revive people. Any of these movies are rather unusual among zombie movies. In this rare case that is refreshing considering so many zombie movies. Some of the sickest scenes in any horror movie. For a horror movie trilogy to be this good is also rare. Each movie adds more to this crazy process. This is sorta like taking Mary Shelley's Frankenstein but turn it into a way to survive even death. I got to be honest for both science fiction & zombie movies. I didn't expect them to be so well done even the last movie by Syfy is great. Another rare thing since most horror movie franchises they touch end up killing them off. I should mention these zombies are very tough to take down. A select few zombies like the one the picture above maintains his intelligence. If you truly want a terrifying zombie movie to watch, then grow an pair & watch Re-Animator.

4. Child's Play series

One of my personal favorite horror movie franchises. Most killer doll movies can't hold their own against Child's Play. Let's be honest Chucky is a very entertaining character to watch. Some of the greatest kills I ever seen in any horror movie. Yes, Seed of Chucky was terrible with Child's Play 3 being okay. I am glad Curse of Chucky did a great job. I'm already excited for Cult of Chucky coming in a few months. Child's Play always had a lot of things going for it. Some key characters play a major role in several movies. A lot of creativity does go into these movies. There is something about a killer doll that shouldn't work but it does in a way you wouldn't expect. The true definitive killer doll experience.

3. Scream series

Scream series is usually not high on many people's lists. Personally I like the idea that anyone could be the killer. Each movie enforces the concept of attempting to recreate a horror movie in real life. Some of the best kills you ever will see in any horror movies. Some of the most original horror movies that will keep you guessing whose the killer. I also like these killers go out of their way to show how much they love horror movies. All the Scream movies are very consistent not leaving anything major out. I do enjoy how they take down the killers. Ghostface is one of my personal favorite horror movie killers of all time. There is just something about no matter what you do. You will not be safe adds another dimension of terror up your spines. I also like they point jokes at horror movie sequels during those in my child hood. You would be surprise how many sequels some of them actually got.

2. Evil Dead series

Evil series is truly unique in every sense of the word. Ash survives the deadnites that want the living to die. Some of the strangest things you could ever see in any horror movie is present here. I also like how it uses humor in just the right way. All three movies will keep you on the edge of your chairs & couches. It is already a difficult thing to have two movies taking place very close together. Somehow Evil Dead pulled that off with flying colors. These movies are very unusual among demon & zombie movies. In Army of Darkness, majority of it Ash has to survive during the dark ages. They have some of the finest looking creatures you can see those movies that still holds up great today. Although I can't consider Ash vs. Evil Dead show in my blog. I really enjoy watching this show since it technically is Evil Dead 4. Evil Dead series as a whole is so out there that it works. I really couldn't recommend these movies enough.

Just in chance you are new to my blogs. I first saw Army of Darkness as a part of a two movie deal on Comcast. First you get to watch the new version of Dawn of the Dead. Quickly followed by Army of Darkness with only myself interested in seeing both movies. I am very glad I did because I'm a huge fan of them both.

1. Final Destination series

This may surprise a lot of people out there. Final Destination series has a very difficult concept to pull off. A group of people survived what was suppose to kill them. This forces Death to hunt them all down by killing each people in such horrible ways. I really don't usually say this but this has the best & most impressive kill scenes in any horror movie series in my opinion. Yes the rules do change in the movies but that always makes things more interesting. I got to be honest I usually do fine towards the most brutal of kills in horror movies. There are a few exceptions in these movies that does challenge me mentally. The very idea you could possibly die a thousand of ways. You already know you're in for one hell of a ride. These movies attempt some major tragedies not holding back. I am mind blown a horror movie series like this is surprisingly consistent. Final Destination 5 is a prequel to the first movie. Sometimes you never know what could happen next.

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