Saturday, July 8, 2017

Top 5 Favorite Anime Shinigamis

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, when we think about death gods or in Japan as Shinigamis. The very concept brings intense terror down your souls. I really wanted to attempt capturing that by making my personal Top 5 Favorite Anime Shinigamis list. I'm sure this list will be different for everyone. This is only strictly absolutely my own opinion only folks.

5. Botan (Yu Yu Hakusho)

We kick off this list with a well known anime shinigami Botan. Along with delivering souls to the afterlife. She also has to help Yusuke & the others during their cases. Of course her abilities isn't meant for combat. She can alter her clothes on the spot. Botan reports everything to her boss no matter how crazy it gets.

4. Professor Stein (Soul Eater)

One of my personal favorite anime mentor characters. Professor Stein is absolutely amazing in every sense of the word. He took himself a part & reattached his entire body back together. Stein has a unique soul to counter anyone's soul wavelength making him a god in his own right. He is excellent at combat even without a weapon partner. This guy is someone you really don't want coming after you.

3. Grell (Black Butler)

One of my wife's favorite anime characters. Grell briefly went by the name Jack the Ripper. He enjoys cutting people up with his chainsaw. In Black Butler's universe, instead of a regular scythe to kill people. These shinigamis can use whatever weapon meant for the job. There are a few things that will annoy them about that. Along with collecting souls, they are required to research every person on their death list. They must call it right or they lose their jobs. Every shinigami must kept their scythes at all times. This guy is crazy for all the wrong reasons. One of the very few beings capable of killing the demon butler Sebastian.

2. Kenpachi Zaraki (Bleach)

Even before mastering Shikai & Bankai. Kenpachi Zaraki already was a well feared name among soul reaper captains. This guy did a rare difficult third option of becoming a soul reaper captain by defeating his previous one. Kenpachi is widely known for having massive amount of raw power. This guy enjoys a good battle even close of dying kind. More recently his powers greatly increased to insane levels. Although his Bankai was briefly used in the manga at the worst possible time. We do know according to his battle against Gremmy up til now. All of this was mere child play for him. Kenpachi already had one of the toughest soul reaper bodies. Believe it or not that eyepatch is another limiter keeping his insane power down enough to maybe enjoy a battle. Even having the majority limiter for the world of the living, Kenpachi is still one of the most of his kind.

1. Ryuk (Death Note)

Ryuk is a shinigami like many of his kind. He owns a death note that holds possibly thousands of human souls. Either he, another shinigami or humans can write anyone's name down in the death note. Within the time limit will kill that person. Ryuk allowed Light to play out some ridiculous scenarios that make you enjoy his job as a shinigami. Nothing of our world can harm him & you can't use the death note to kill him since he doesn't have a last name. Their main law is to not save a life. In doing so will kill the shinigami & by accident add all those souls in terms of time to that person. We know this because of Misa since it happened to her. Ryuk can freely fly between our world & theirs. Ryuk also has a connection to the death note being able to track it at all times. Only those who touched the death note can see his kind. Thanks to Light, Shinigamis do have the power to kill you in such horrible ways. Maybe it is just me but I really enjoy this guy.

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