Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #4 Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

I am posting this early due to possibly losing power again this week. At least you will be able to check this entry out. I do take requests for more bad horror movie sequels.

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, for many years a lot of people say Halloween III is the worst. Although it was meant to start Halloween theme stories to move away from Michael Myers. Halloween III wasn't a bad movie for a good reasons. The true worst Halloween movie is Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. WOW this was such a bad movie. I am impressed it even got released in the first place.

Out of all the original Halloween movies. Deep in my mind this movie stands out for all the wrong reasons. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers doesn't take any time to fully put it's story together. In fact I spotted a few major plot holes on my own. For example no where in the entire movie explains whose the father of that baby. It never explains how the cultists fit in anywhere in the movie.

There is somewhat of a debate on a mysterious call early on in the movie. An old woman picks up the phone to hear a strange voice. Many people strongly believe this was Michael Myers. Keep in mind this is a very brief scene in the movie. You have a few seconds to easily miss it. As far I'm aware it never explained who it was on the phone. Some of the worst actors played most of the cast. Even with the best kills, Michael Myers isn't great. Halloween: Resurrection had a better performance from Michael Myers.

The title itself continues a theme the previous two movies. I don't mine that but what I really do mine is a rare alternate version called Halloween 666: Producer's Cut. More recently due to an accident by the company that did own Halloween franchise. More websites are getting copies of that version of the movie. Personally I haven't seen it but thanks to James Rolfe's review. I can honestly say it sounds even worse than the actual release version. This version does explain whose the father of that baby being Michael Myers?

Usually this guy kills his own family & their friends close to or on Halloween. It turns out in this version, a strange star formation marks a curse. The person with that mark on their arm has to kill their own family. Sorry I kinda prefer the new Halloween 2's answer over that crap. This cult is connected to the person marked with that symbol. Oh speaking of that symbol in this version. One of the main character used rocks to do it in reverse.

For whatever reason, Michael couldn't walk past it. WHAT!!! a group of people with guns, being burned & beaten badly a few times. Yet doing that symbol in reverse prevents an unstoppable killing machine from moving? Both endings are terrible no matter how you view them. In the released version, Michael gets beaten badly then mysteriously disappears that's it. In Producer's Cut, Michael actually dies. The same doctor trying to stop him becomes his successor. It is a real shame this was one of that actor's final movies.

First Phantasm: Ravager now Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. This movie has virtually nothing going for it. To me it was obvious that this wasn't a true major chapter in Michael's legacy. The best kill was an old man gets electrocuted to the point his head explodes. This is done differently between both versions. I am only going by what James Rolfe say in his review on Producer's Cut. I have seen the actual release version.

What's sadder is this was my first Halloween movie I owned in my life. This pile of filth has some of the worst pacing I ever seen in an horror movie. I know people do expect a lot from just the kills Michael does to people. I felt some of them changed in this movie could've helped a little bit. At the same time, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers is simply not worth having in your collection. I would understand collectors wanting to have all the movies in several franchises. You get no argument from me but I highly recommend avoiding both versions of this movie.

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