Saturday, July 8, 2017

Ranking Alternate Dracula Movies

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I might be going a little out of the box. I figured to do alternate Dracula movies. They could be loosely based on the novel of the same name or a original story. Regardless all these following movies isn't simply named Dracula. I will rank all the ones I seen off hand from worst to best.

To clarify there is so many movies called Dracula that it is impossible to cover them all. I am only talking about similar movies that are based or inspired by Dracula. Obviously how I go about the entire ranking is strictly my opinion only. Considering a ridiculous amount of vampire movies exists. There is no where near the limit of alternate takes of Dracula.

8. Dracula 3000

I already hammered the crap out of this really bad movie a while back. Dracula is on board a space ship that already sounds horrible. Actually I can't honestly name a single good thing in this movie. Please avoid this blood sucking movie at all costs.

7. Dracula Untold

I was very surprised Universal removed this movie from their Dark Universe. I am aware some people actually like this movie. Personally I hate everything about it. Dracula became a vampire over a tragedy caused by the Turks. In doing so becomes evil for a few centuries. This is like them trying to make Dracula into a dark super hero character. I am very sorry for talking out of matters here. Dracula is one of the evilest beings in fictional history. Why in any palm of existence would Dracula care about us humans? Just makes as much sense as vampires shining in sun light within Twilight series. You know what forget that Twilight isn't a true vampire portrayal. This movie clearly doesn't know what it's trying to be. I felt a lot of major changes could've helped this movie.

6. Dracula 2000

I am aware a lot of people dislike this movie a lot. All three movies in that series lies on the cover about Wes Craven's involvement. We are already starting off with some unnecessary crap. Gerald Butler was fresh into acting at the time. I seen him in better movies like Law Abiding Citizen, 300 & Gods of Egypt. He just wasn't the right actor to play Dracula. I do like they wanted this to be set in modern times. Sadly this movie quickly becomes boring with okay kills. If I wanted to die watching out of boredom then I would do something else. I felt this movie doesn't have the spirit of a true Dracula movie. This movie's version of Dr. Van Helsing wasn't great. Dracula effortlessly surviving some of the most fatal vampire weaknesses ruins the movie.

5. Van Helsing

This movie could've been the precursor to Universal's Dark Universe. Van Helsing is more of a original story that has a few horror movie icons. Sadly vampires kinda suck in this movie. I mean come on Frankenstein's Monster & the Wolf Man are more entertaining than Dracula. OMG I really don't care for Dracula in this movie. Just like I said in Dracula 2000, he survives most vampire weaknesses with no problem. I will say in terms of telling the story & a few minor improvements it is better than Dracula 2000. Oh guess how Dracula dies in this movie? Van Helsing has to become a werewolf that Dracula can't control to bite him in the neck. Are you guys kidding me were they on crack when they thought of this maybe they were who really knows anymore.

4. Blade: Trinity

Blade: Trinity is a follow up to Blade II that finally brings in Dracula. Oh wait he is called Drake now what? This movie may be the weakest out of the Blade movie trilogy. Some surprising humor helps with upsetting parts. Although Drake is very powerful for a vampire. I do like his transform state to a degree. This movie does a great job giving Dracula a new creative direction. This version is more about killing & fighting true warriors. In fact Drake hates his own kind more than anything. Drake's performance does need work. I will say this is one of the better alternate Dracula movies.

3. The Monster Squad

More recently The Monster Squad is a cult classic. Similar to Van Helsing, Dracula commands some horror movie icons. This movie is surprisingly meant for everyone. There are parts for kids while others for adults. At the same time a family could sit down together to watch it. Not many horror movies can pull that off. I will say this is a great movie for many good reasons. I do agree with many people Dracula couldn't been better. Just like Van Helsing, every monster is done better than Dracula. Am I seeing a possible theme going on or no?

2. The Batman vs. Dracula

Truth be told there exists two unofficial 60s Batman vs. Dracula cross over movies. The Batman vs. Dracula is official since it was meant to conclude the events of the show The Batman. Dracula is mysterious that makes you curious to see what he will do next. Honestly this is a very good movie for what it is. The Batman vs. Dracula movie itself states the obvious batman vs. batman. This movie may not be as violent as majority of my choices. Dracula is amazing in every sense of the word.

1. Nosferatu (1922)

By now this should've been obvious. Nosferatu is a classic vampire movie that so many consider as one of the absolute greatest ever made. One of the original movie adaptations of the novel that so happens to be unofficial. This led to a lawsuit where most copies got destroyed. Somehow some copies survived many years later to become public domain. I believe it was close to that time a remake of Nosferatu got made. Although that version is official allowing stuff that got altered in the original version. Despite that the in movie texts still stays the actual character names. Count Dracula's name got to changed to Count Orlok. One interesting note is a character late in Hellsing anime named Incognito is inspired by Count Orlok. Yes this is a silent movie but it really does play to it's strengths. This movie is a master piece that every vampire fan needs to see. Nosferatu is very good for an early 20s movie. I really can't do this movie enough justice it really is that damn good.

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