Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bad Horror Movie Sequel Wednesdays #1 Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I decided to go for a concept not many usually go for. I felt there are way too many bad horror movie sequels. In fact I know enough of them to cover a few years straight of them. Recently I seen some terrible horror movie sequels I didn't know about until a week ago. I am covering Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave.

It never is a good sign to know two horror movie sequels are filmed back to back. For those that doesn't know what exactly this means. They are rushing to make two movies within a year on a small budget. Of course this by itself brought many unnecessary problems to the franchise. Not only both those movies are easily the smallest budget combine. Everything is horribly done that I can't explain exactly how poorly they're done. Unless you actually are crazy enough to waste your own time by watching this abomination. In every area both those movies are way below where it should be. I do agree the previous movie is slightly better but not by much, Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave is one of the dumbest zombie movies I ever seen. Some of the survivors suddenly by doing something really stupid became this film's antagonists. I am talking about they didn't know what's coming from a container.

Some of them decides to make deadlier drugs that becomes a new way to cause the zombie apocalypse. Oh it gets worse during the rave people are constantly getting these drugs. Slowly but surely people are becoming zombies to start attacking the living. Two mysterious guys that attempted to cash in on those containers. Indirectly become heroes of this terrible movie which doesn't make any sense. If you have characters that are meant to be villains of that nature. Why in God's name would you have them suddenly do the right thing. I know many movies do something similar both ways. This felt rushed & confused in what it was trying to be. OMG how the hell did they screw up these zombies so hilariously bad? Since the original Return of the Living Dead, they greatly distance their zombies from most zombie movies.

You can't kill these zombies with beheading or shot to the head. Also these are some of the smartest zombies I ever seen in those movies. Both the last two movies of this series completely ruined them. They made them too much like most zombies. These zombies aren't that bright, much weaker and head shots works. Yes the original zombies of this series is much tougher. This movie easily could've been prevented just like the third movie. Honestly I didn't expect much from direct to video sequels. I will say these last two movies really miss the mark. I seen more entertaining bad zombie movies than this garbage.

I will get my list together for some terrible horror movie sequels. Thankfully this series is a lot easier to make in the long run.

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