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The Final Week of Halloween-A-Thon #4 Saw series

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, it's time for an movie series that everyone has trouble stomaching & can't watch. One particular horror movie series comes to mind, Saw series. These are some of the most original as well as brutal & unforgiving movies. Saw series is very much in torture porn category for many reasons. These movies will give most kids nightmares for the rest of their lives. Yeah I couldn't exclude these classics from my marathon. What's interesting is all movies come out an year after each other just in time for Halloween. Which made it very obvious to me, Saw must be presented in my marathon.

Saw (2004)

The original Saw is one of the best horror movies of the 2000s to date. The story involves an photographer & doctor trapped in an huge bathroom. Of course Saw is widely known for a lot of things. Most traps are not only original but very terrifying & entertaining to watch. Many people can't stomach any Saw movies because of them. Saw is also known for having one of the best horror movie stories. Some of the best horror movie effects I seen in an long time. This doesn't even play out like an typical horror movie. You will witness some horrifying events involving death traps all set in an strict time limit & conditions. To sum it up Jugsaw Killer only puts you in those traps. He expects to see if you have the will to survive. Technically he isn't directly killing them but he is still responsible for their deaths. I always like how well written the characters are overall. Everything works a lot more than most expected.

Saw II (2005)

One of the best Saw movies in my opinion, Saw II is one of the best horror movies with 2 in the title. Starting with Saw II to up, each newer movie adds more story to previous movies. This is kinda mixed received. On one hand a lot of questions were asked by the fans especially on Dr. Gordon. Each movie in some way shad more light on it. The flip side is if you are watching these out of order & new to them. You will get confused very fast making it more frustrating to get into them in the first place. Once again we get an great cast in one of my favorite big traps of the series. An group of people are trapped inside an house. They have a few hours to get an antidote to nerve gas to survive long enough to leave the house. But all the antidotes are placed in every death trap. Although not all traps are revealed, it was confirmed each one was meant for each person. I would say this has the best acting of the entire series. Some of my favorite traps are present in this movie. If I have to name right off the bat I like it has to be death mask. Which is similar to reverse bear trap with an helmet variation of an classic death trap. One of the best stories in any horror movie sequels. Saw II is an worthy successor that set the standard for many things.

Saw III (2006)

Saw III is considered by some as the best Saw movie. Honestly I believe it's very close between II and III for many great reasons. The story centers around an man named Jeff whose trapped inside the main building for these death traps. Each trap plays an huge role in determining if he lives or dies at the end. An nice twist followed by another interesting twist. His wife got kidnapped by them to keep Jigsaw Killer alive which plays an role in Jeff's game. Just like Saw II, Saw III has some of my favorite death traps. Maybe not as intense as Saw II but this was one of the best horror movies with 3 in the title. You will learn an great deal about several characters in this movie. All flashback scenes are well done but I still prefer those in Saw II more. Saw III put a lot of thought in making this terrifying to people. In fact some pigs used in the judge's trap had real maggots. Every trap was personal to Jeff in some way made the movie more interesting to watch it all play out. This is one of the finest among torture porn movies. Saw III still amazes me with all that work put into it all within an strict time line of an few months.

Saw IV (2007)

 Some say at this point Saw series started to go down. Honestly Saw IV was the best out of the next trilogy of movies. It is the fourth best Saw movie in the series for many reasons. An swat member involved on the case since the beginning gets ambushed at his house. He wakes up to find out he's forced into another big game. Officially one of the last traps planned by the original Jigsaw Killer. This cop had to be the judge in most traps centered around crimes of others. Only to hope to survive & save another detective that went missing. This was the only big game where it wasn't in one building. By this point flashbacks are getting more interesting but some come off a little rushed. I am not saying they're bad by any means. I know they were trying to keep tradition to Halloween under such conditions. Traps unrelated to the big one are some of my absolute favorites. I really enjoy Cecil's trap which was very personal to Jigsaw Killer. For some having an advantage like this is stuff of dreams. Of course I'm not trying to get people to start GTA style our streets. I am stating he did what some really wanted to do but can't. This is also where other events in previous movies make more sense. Among horror movies that are technically fourth or has 4 in the title. Saw IV is easily one of the best 4th horror movies.

Saw V (2008)

In my opinion this would be the second worst Saw movie. But it is far from being terrible which is saying more than Saw VII. The story is following an FBI agent who caught on Jigsaw Killer's successor. In an time where people can finally move on from those murders. Surprisingly this agent gets two different death traps. Officially one of the few characters to survive an trap. The big game involves five people in an series of strict traps to survive. The longer it goes on, the more we learn of their connections to each other. If you think about it, you could consider these traps as torture porn Olympics. Although flashback scenes are done good, they didn't come off as important as previous ones. This reminds me of Maniac Cop III since it's cop against cop movie. Out of all the big games in the series, this is the worst. All of them were meant to be done as an team which wasn't clear until the very end. Considering how selfish most of them were, I felt even if they knew it still would end up that way. Not bad but I could've wanted a little more.

Saw VI (2009)

This is another great horror movie that a lot of people kinda over look for many reasons. The story centers around an insurance executive forced to make tough decisions in every traps. Each test he is given gets more difficult both physically & mentally as it goes on. Now that to me is why it works more than the previous movie's big game. This also marks the second usage of reverse bear trap. I felt the story in general was better than Saw V's. An bonus is this guy in the big game had an connection to the original Jigsaw Killer. Oddly enough his families makes the final decision to let him live or die. Just like what he done to him that led to the famous suicide attempt that changed his life. Easily one of the best horror movies that are technically sixth or has number 6 in the title. Saw VI is kinda underrated among newer horror movies. To some degree I can understand why but it deserves justice.

Saw VII The Final Chapter aka Saw 3D (2010)

This is not only the worst Saw movie but one of the worst that are technically seventh or has number 7 in the title. This also has one of the worst usage of 3D in horror movies. Before it Friday the 13th Part 3 & Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare are some of the horror movies that predates it. The story is kinda an mess which I usually don't say about an Saw movie. The big game has an guy claiming to be an previous victim of Jigsaw Killer who actually wasn't got trapped inside an real game. The smallest personal connection to Jigsaw Killer as possible. All newer characters are done horribly with only two traps standing out. One of which was an dream sequence trap now that's sad. Jigsaw Killer's successor attacks an police station with an gunner robot. Which according to the rules his mentor lives by was going directly against. This guy's big test of all things was forced to remove all four his wisdom teeth to enter the combination to escape an room. In all honestly yes I do release how painful just one would be. You could've expected both bigger & more difficult to be his test. But forcing him to rip four of his own teeth out was stupid. Sadly the best part of this movie was the ending. I am not saying it to be an dick, I'm just speaking the truth. An very good twist that most didn't see coming. Most scenes were done on time but those with 3D technology took much longer than they expected. Instead of pushing it's release date back to improve the problem. They chose release it in the state it is kinda like Blood 2: The Chosen. Oddly enough both those sequels came out very close to Halloween. Little to nothing works in this movie at all. Jill gets killed by an horrible broken reverse bear trap death scene. Saw VII was very disappointing for an final horror movie. Easily among the top 10 of my list for all the wrong reasons.

Plenty of gore from blood spilling to explosions to body parts flying everywhere. We have yet to reach the most unexpected portion of my marathon. Come back tomorrow where I make a few calls. Yes that's your only hint on what I'm covering next. If you don't know it, shame on you lol.

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