Monday, September 19, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Why Duke Nukem Forever is Better than Blood 2: The Chosen

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this is aimed more at those into classic FPS games. We all remember games like Duke 3D that blew our minds. Yet so many kept saying Duke Nukem Forever is the worst game of the franchise. I highly disagree for so many reasons. But I felt there is an more disappointing FPS sequel than DNF. In fact Blood fans would very likely agree Blood 2 is worse than DNF. I came packing with great reasons to back up my claim.

5. Between both sequels, Blood 2 changed too much from original Blood

Obviously both sequels takes an noticeable amount of time later. DNF does stay true to it's roots. Duke says his lines, doing horrible things to alien leaders and simply doing what he wants without an care in the world. Sadly Blood 2 is missing Caleb's lines that really got me more into him. Although there is gore present it kinda comes off misplace. Not as close as many horror movie references. Blood 2 surprisngly isn't as dark as Blood 1. After playing both Blood games, you'll agree they're too different from each other. If you did the same with Duke 3D & Forever, chances are you understand how they connect to each other. Blood 2 has an completely different theme from the original in terms of environment & how the story plays out. Some would say it helps differing the later games. But Blood 2 does come off as somewhat of an unrelated game in just playing it.

4. At least Duke Nukem Forever put every feature to use
Blood 2 didn't put a lot of features in. Which I will explain later on in full detail. Now Blood 2 allows you to play as Caleb's friends. Each having their own lines and weapons but they remain as extras. Why because they didn't recreate the entire game for each character. Thus playing as the other three characters removes all cut scenes. Don't get me wrong some good games do this as well like Devil May Cry series. In this case it was needed for those who didn't know these characters. An great amount of this sadly will be covered later. What I am going to talk about is very simple. Blood 2 barely has bonuses for completing the game. Depending on difficulties in Duke Nukem Forever you'll unlock codes & cool stuff. Even multiplayer suffers from lack of content in comparison. In DNF you level up, getting more stuff in your place and play more creative maps. Later adding new ones in a few dlcs that are worth having.

3. Both campaigns in Duke Nukem Forever is Better
To an degree Nightmare Levels is in some ways better than original campaign in DNF. The Doctor Who Cloned Me campaign kills both Blood 2 campaigns. Blood 2 had an terrible, lazy campaign for it's time. You get on the same train a few times through out the entire game. I would go as far to say I prefer all the bosses in DNF. Yes only explosives can harm them which I won't argue. But Blood 2 bosses flat out suck for so many reasons I could do another blog on it. DNF tells both campaigns stories much better in comparison. Also present in both DNF campaigns are mini games to help give you an break from the game. Honestly Blood 2 campaigns simply doesn't work at all. I will say Nightmare Levels has an interesting concept just horribly done. Duke Nukem Forever plays more out like you're actually Duke Nukem himself kicking aliens asses. Trust me unless you are an fan of the original Blood, for the love of god don't play Blood 2.

2. Weapons is Better in DNF

Yes you can hold more weapons in Blood 2. But trying to change them out without codes is an pain most shouldn't have to deal with. It's much easier in Duke Nukem Forever because they based that concept straight out of Halo series. An questionable move yes but in this strange case it works a lot better. Blood 2 also put too many weapons available for you to use. Which only worsen this issue unless it's like some FPS games with a lot of weapons. Don't do this concept with too many weapons it just doesn't work period. What makes this worse is some of my favorite weapons from Blood 1 got ruined in this game. Burning enemies now takes some effort to pull off ruining how fun it was in Blood 1. My personal favorite weapon is shotgun which still stands as one of my favorites in any video games to date. Blood 2 not only ruined it but not wielding two weapons at the same time without an power up sucks. Dual shotguns was really fun in Blood 1 if you know how to use them. They could've speed up the reload in most weapons especially in case of shotgun.

1. Rushing Blood 2 was worse than the long development of DNF
Some say having an long development of games is bad. Some say rushing games out is just as bad. Which do I find is an bigger offense? Honestly I am fine with games having long development as long it's still playable. I don't like playing games clearly rushed out like MGSV, Sonic 06 and Blood 2. All three of these titles are not only guilty of doing that. They do share some of the major issues that regularly follows it. For starters Blood 2 has horrible AI that's really laughable. Some features never made it into the final game. In fact some glitches that does ruin the game play experience are present. Yes Nightmare Levels did fix some of these by not enough. Fans made a lot of mods to fix problems the developers themselves never got around to fix. Yes Blood 2 was rushed out not fully tested or programmed correctly in it's state. To sum up how disappointing this actually is without giving too much away. Go play Blood 1 then play Blood 2 you will go from being very happy to being piss off in record time. Blood 2 should've kept it's original date to work most of these issues out. Yes some portions of Blood 2 are almost unplayable. I highly recommend if you want to play it without experiencing it like that. Please use codes including no clip trust me it will save you a lot of head aches.

I know for some of you chances are some will be confused, some will be upset or just out of their minds. Personally I don't care for Blood 2 at all. Until next time I'm Jack Red & I'll see all of you later.

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