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Top 5 More One Piece Theories (Jack Red Edition)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I figured to do a few more interesting somewhat possible theories. Everyone has strong opinions including their own predictions on how the story of One Piece could play out. I am just revealing some more of mine for those interested. These aren't based on other people's theories by any means.

5. The origin of devil fruits

Of course majority of the fan bases has their own beliefs how devil fruits came into existence. I think mine kinda mirrors very early Dragon Ball story relating to how originally Dragon Balls were one big ball. Eventually they became divided into seven of them. It is already confirmed an scientist will reveal more information on this topic. I believe around the time slightly before the World Government was formed. An demon appeared out of the water with an strange gigantic plant. He wanted to cause some chaos by releasing them around the world. But among the government's first orders were reports about this creature. This demon does give a few pieces of this plant to people lying about becoming invincible. The government sets up an trap to attempt capturing the demon. Instead he ends from an direct explosion blowing up this plant. To their surprise this doesn't destroy the plant. It cause the plant to become several smaller ones now known as devil fruits. Ever since this event, the marines are trying to stop too many people getting devil fruits. They went as far to hid any & all information about them from most of the world.

4. An series of rematches are awaiting Luffy

Everyone knows about Luffy's journey to become the king of the pirates. He has defeated all kind of people around the world. It is an strong possibility near the end of One Piece. Some of Luffy's enemies will in one way or another face Luffy to settle the score. For example Buggy already didn't like Luffy with an few defeats under his belt. More recently after his crew saved people including an giant gladiator. All five giants left Buggy's business to join Luffy's fleet. Another likely candidate would be Crocodile because of Luffy interfering with him about to strike Whitebeard. Also confirmed both of them have the same exact dream making it likely to happen. I expect Eneru will return at an terrible time with a lot going on. Fearing Luffy due to not understanding his immune to electricity & will. Eneru became it crystal clear, he wants to start an new world. One day it is possible we could be getting an intense rematch. Another likely people to come after Luffy would be Arlong. This fishman has an strong reputation for his hatred towards humans. He was very upset about an former crew member becoming an warlord. Luffy stopped his rule over an few islands. Jinbe already confirmed that he wants to join his crew. Plus hearing about Hordy will cause further anger to explode out of him. Of course Rob Lucci has an few great reasons to come after Luffy himself. For starters up til his defeat, Lucci completed every mission. Among his defeat, he nearly died by the beating he received from Luffy. It is already confirmed Lucci now commanding CP0. Knowing Lucci as well as I do, he will attempt capturing/killing Luffy at the worst possible time.

3. By end of the story, Usopp will have the third highest bounty of his crew
For an while Usopp was in the middle of the pack in terms of the bounty. Then people started looking up to him in Dressrosa. Now being called God Usopp because he freed everyone affected by Sugar's devil fruit. Thus Usopp got most of them to become Luffy's fleet without even asking them. Yes this is similar to inmates for Buggy's crew. Zoro pointed it by how surprised his bounty went up. Doflamingo actually gave him the highest stars of five in his own sick game. It is likely with this new reputation, more people will join Luffy's fleet. Which by itself scares the marines & pirates. Also because they don't have the slightest idea how he does that. This alone will put an huge target on Usopp's back for the rest of his life.

2. Most likely time for Warlord Edward Weevil to go after Luffy
It is no secret one of the new warlords been causing chaos in several towns. The marines are turning an blind eye to his high body counts. This man has an few targets that he wants to hunt down including Luffy. Although his reason for doing so being kinda stupid. There isn't much to go on about the actual character. It is even debatable if he actually one of Whitebeard's children or not. What we do know is he won't stop until he finds his target. Considering his mom is the one calling the shoots. I would have to say around in between the current story arc & Kaido's arc. I say this because at some point the author will show us what's going on Zoro's group doing. At first we won't see much of it and for an great reason. It is likely to build up the sense of Kaido being next when in fact it's Warlord Weevil.

1. Why the marines are desperate to keep the Seven Warlords of the Sea filled
Everyone knows about the three great powers. We have the Three Marine Admirals whose rank is very high up in the world government. Then comes their polar opposite the Four Emperors of the Sea all controlling the other half of the world. Now we get to the force in the middle being the most neutral called the Seven Warlords of the Sea. World government hires famous big name pirates to work for them. Although not clear how long the three great powers been around. What is painfully clear based on several occasions. The marines are terrified of the Four Emperors. Despite the fact not once in history all four band together against the world government. In fact they created the Seven Warlords of the Sea to help to some degree. They fear one day all of that may change. Good marines like Smoker strongly doesn't like that group & felt they weren't necessary. Plus they're pirates, he doesn't trust them at all. I believe they created the warlords to try getting an leg up against the emperors. But Big Mama & Kaido has powerful connections around the world including in the underground network. Of course that with the warlords being so neutral constantly puts them on the edge. As stated earlier the marines covered up Warlord Weevil's actions to keep one of their top fighting powers strong. At this point it is very clear the marines doesn't even care about the people they're suppose to protect. If they did then where would the warlords fit into that system? In real life Gladiators & French Foreign Legion are the closest famous groups to the warlords. The marines want the whole world to know their power in an attempt to get the emperors to back off. I don't think it actually work because the emperors all rule over the other half of the world covering surprisingly bigger ground than the marines. The emperors has so many islands under their control it shocks majority of marines. Most marines doesn't deal with the underground network making a lot of their enemies invisible to them as stated during Dressrosa arc. Not only that Whitebeard proven even the most powerful of their forces would struggle against all four emperors. If just one of them nearly destroyed marine headquarters. Just imagine it with all four emperors possibly wiping out the marines. This thought led to the creation of the Seven Warlords in the first place. Another possible reason could be the marines know too little about those islands under their control. I bet even the current fleet admiral would back down from going after any of the four emperors. I should mention all four emperors are great strategists. Some of them aren't afraid to go to the other half of the world under the marine's control. Their reputations puts fear even the bravest marines like Kaido & Big Mama. Another great reason could be they knew there's no way to get just the emperors alone. Kaido has over five hundred in his main army. Yet we still don't know how big his actual army current is. The same goes with the other three emperors. Considering they're big name pirates, some of their alliances could get involve at any given time. An possibility of other small name pirates could help to attempt getting in their armies. There is a lot of mystery centering around the Four Emperors. One of the biggest mysteries in all of One Piece has to be what actually led to the creation of the Seven Warlords. Obviously the Gorosei demands to have all seven positions at most times. Especially at the threat of possible war. These are the guys covering some of the warlords dirty secrets to keep their numbers strong. This means even they fear the Four Emperors enough to get the Seven Warlords system up & running. Another good reason why is to help cover up some of the attention from their illegal actions. It is widely known an good number of marines are corrupt. Some actually worse than most pirates enough to make people sick. The warlords to some degree are guilty of these actions as well. What we do know for sure is half the warlords are rivaling the Three Admirals with the other half rivaling the Four Emperors themselves. They allow the warlords to do what they want in exchange for their service. Basically it's like the Four Emperors legal under their control. This also comes with an increase reputation & their former bounties removed. They allowed this mostly due to their fear of the Four Emperors. The marines want every possible leg up they can possible get to them. Sometimes this means doing illegal & flat out wrong things. Honestly all of them are that scared of the Four Emperors. What's interesting is the Seven Warlords being mixed received from both pirates & marines. Despite this the warlords are treated like dogs on an leash especially during important times. In truth the marines really want all that freedom to themselves in order to stop all & any future threats towards them. At their core they're cowards fearing wars or the big truth they hide from everyone for over eight hundred years to one day be revealed. The marines are more desperate to cover their own tracks than protecting the people.

Update: It turns out in real life during the pirate era. Some pirates got license by marines to roam the seas. As long they held up their word when they were needed.

I hope you guys enjoy my follow up blog, it is likely at some point. I could be writing another of these One Piece theories blogs in the near future. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

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