Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #16 Stitches vs. Frowny the Clown (Clown)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I figured to do another killer clown fight. This is going to be an interesting fight to say the least. Stitches from the movie Stitches takes on Cloyne from the movie Clown. I'm sure by now a lot of you are saying what!!! Yeah I really wanted to do this as one of my last fights for this series. An demon clown takes on a zombie clown now that haven't been considered before. Am I right kids hahahahahaha. Oh yes we all float down here.

Update: There is a song related to the movie Clown revealing his clown name.


Stitches was a clown that attempted a kid's birthday party. He wasn't very good at his job. It didn't help these kids all being nasty to him leading to a surprise death. Six years later, Stitches came back from the grave to get revenge of those kids. He made sure each one dies related to what they did to him six years prior.


Frowny the Clown is an old legend about a demonic clown creature that devours children. A man named Kent McCoy was told a clown isn't coming to his son's birthday party. He decides to put on what appeared to be a clown costume. In reality these was actual the skin of a demonic being. The longer he stays in it & depending on how many children he devoured. The more of the man trapped inside becomes loss.

+More powers
+More unpredictable
+Has weapons
+More durable

-Can be easily distracted
-Anything that happens to his egg, can kill him

+Acting on instinct
+More willing to kill

-Easier to kill
-Quickly loses control

I am going to do a first for my blog series. I knew if I just randomly thrown these two into a fight. A lot of questions would be thrown. The scenario is a few years prior the same kids that played an hand in killing Stitches. At one point were also going to be attacked by Frowny. It is unknown how or what happened to that creature. This was before the crazy guy put that skin on. Six years later, Stitches raises from the grave to stalk those kids. Around this time Kent was losing control over his own actions. This creature found a way to the party. It seemed a familiar smell of those kids it once smelled. This caused Frowny to go into berserk mode. A lot of people got killed in the middle of this. Shortly a little while, Stitches confronts Frowny. Of course you know by now Hell is about to break loose.

I am going to be very direct to say this was one of the closest fights I have ever done. Both of them have a strange connection to a kid's birthday. Some of the most violent kills you will ever see in any killer clown movies was done by these two. Frowny is more like a giant angry dog than anything else. Stitches may not be the sharpest tool in the drawer. He does have more powers that does help him in this fight. Stitches also bringing clown like arsenal that could hurt Frowny. Both of them are surprisingly durable for killer clowns easily withstanding almost everything with ease. However how you have to kill them are very different. For Frowny you must completely cut off his head. For Stitches you have to destroy his egg that's hidden in a grave yard. This egg has a direct connection to his soul acting similar to a voodoo doll. Of course Frowny has no way of knowing about that egg. In vice versa, Stitches can decapitate Frowny very easily. In all honestly this was a great killer clown face off. In the end, Stitches simply had more going for him in this fight.

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