Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #17 Nemesis vs. Pyramid Head

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, a lot of gamers knows many great gaming rivalries. One of the closest among them that hits home for me is Capcom's Resident Evil vs. Konami's Silent Hill. Two popular opposite survival horror franchises that greatly impacted gaming in general. Obviously both franchises got movies based on those movies. I am very aware a lot of people did their own take of this following fight. I still wanted to do it for my own reasons. I am here to have Nemesis taking on Pyramid Head.

I will be doing something a little different for this fight. Considering these monsters originally appeared in their respective video game series. I thought it would help even things out by including stuff from them for this particular fight.


Nemesis is an unique tyrant creature that has two different brains. One of them Umbrella has directly control over what Nemesis does. The another brain is the one Nemesis uses to achieve his goals. This creature is programmed to eliminate any former S.T.A.R.S. members. Nemesis won't stop no matter what to achieve his mission.

Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head is an interesting history within the town of Silent Hill. Originally they were executioners to punish sinners. Now they are powerful super natural beings. Usually appearing for mysterious reasons. Easily the most dangerous creature you could run into. Pyramid Head is possibly the most powerful being that isn't technically a god like creature.

+Has more weapons
+His coat can tank some serious force

-None of his weapons can harm Pyramid Head
-If no tyrants are near by after being cut in half ends any chances of fighting

Pyramid Head
+Greatly limited to what can kill him
+Helmet is very durable
+More unpredictable
+Has defeated a superior being

-Wielding the great knife reduced Pyramid Head's movements
-His spear won't be effective against Nemesis

On paper this sounds like the perfect Resident Evil/Silent Hill fight. In reality this is a surprise stomp in favor of Pyramid Head. Yes Nemesis does have more weapons but none of them can actually harm him. Nemesis won't be able to fully understand exactly what he's up against. Pyramid Head is not a personal demon. He is more like an enforcer of Hell similar to Hellraiser's cenobites. Pyramid Head came from another plain of existence. Only being killed by a powerful being from the same plain of existence or committing suicide can kill him. Nemesis is very strong among many Resident Evil monsters. Hell he does have tentacles, a rocket launcher and Gatling gun. In comparison to Pyramid Head's Great Knife that weighs more than a car. Pyramid Head is actually physically stronger than Nemesis. Which also means if Nemesis doesn't avoid getting cut by the great knife. He can be cut right in half with ease on the spot. To sum it up, no matter what Nemesis does. Pyramid Head is simply too much for him to handle on his own. Even if I were to allow a couple Resident Evil monsters. The results would remain the same sorry Capcom fans but Pyramid Head is a true monster to worry about.

I also wanted to point out I'm way more into Resident Evil series. I loss interest in Silent Hill a couple of years ago. I do respect parts of Silent Hill for what it is. At the same time, in it's current state can't match Resident Evil.

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