Thursday, March 16, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #11 Leprechaun (Red Clover aka Leprechaun's Revenge) vs. Leprechaun (Leprechaun: Origins)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, considering tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. I figured why not do another horror movie battle. This time we have an holiday theme that should come close of matching it's level of craziness. I decided to put Leprechaun from Red Clover against Leprechaun from Leprechaun: Origins. Maybe not the most exciting fight but it's the best idea I have for the holiday except one.

Leprechaun (Red Clover)

An legend exists that an mysterious being would go around killing anything in it's path. Oddly enough coming back many years at St. Patrick's Day. This "leprechaun" doesn't want your gold or to be left alone. Oh no it can't get enough rampaging with only one strict way of defeating it. This being quickly killed a lot of people in just a few days. Just imagine if he didn't get send back where he belongs.

Leprechaun (Leprechaun: Origins)

An legend exists that leprechauns are constantly after gold & killing anyone trying to steal it. One town in Ireland came up with a way to keep it while forcing their so called punishment on travelers. These creatures can't be reason with at all. Purely on instincts with no where in Ireland safe. I guess these "leprechauns" are going wild this St. Patrick's Day.

Let's be honest neither movie were great. In fact they were some of the absolute worst holiday themed horror movies. Their respective leprechauns was nothing like the fictional being in any possible way. Hell another longer horror movie series with Leprechaun was more faithful to it. Even Leprechaun 4: In Space is better than both these movies. Both work on instincts killing people with not many ways of surviving them. Honestly this is the only way I could put either of them in a fight on my blog series. Also consider this the last time I'm using both of them. Yes folks they're that bad don't watch either movie.

Leprechaun (Red Clover)
+Only one weakness that must be done by who ever awaken it
+Most weapons are useless against it

-Only one of his kind

Leprechaun (Leprechaun: Origins)
+More of his species
+More experience
+Harder to hit due to it's size

-Limited focus

This is not a close fight, surprisingly very obvious which leprechaun wins. Despite Leprechaun from Leprechaun: Origins having more of their own. It is not guarantee if more than one could run into Leprechaun from Red Clover. This ends up being a stomp because Leprechaun from Red Clover can only be forced back in a hole. Which must be done by the person who awaken him. By default means Leprechaun from Leprechaun; Origins can't win. Also Leprechaun from Red Clover is ridiculously more durable. Considering both act very similar I see this being a very short fight. This won't be as entertaining as Leprechaun 3 with a similar concept. In conclusion Leprechaun from Red Clover is much worse to run into.

The Winner of this battle is Leprechaun from Red Clover

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