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Anime Face Off Original vs. Remake #1 Hellsing vs. Hellsing Ultimate

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, I haven't been covering many things anime wise on my blog. I been a life long otaku for many years thanks to Toonami during my child hood. Hell my wife so happens to also be an otaku. You could say a match made in Heaven. The same can't be said for the topic I'm about to cover. Many people done their own takes on which is better original animes or their remakes? I am not going to lie all the ones I plan on covering will be difficult to do. Today I decided to kick things off with a personal favorite of mine Hellsing.

To clarify Hellsing Ultimate is a OVA series. They put a lot of time into each episode of that series. All ten of them got aired on Toonami a few years ago making this possible. Regardless parts of both Hellsing animes do cover parts of the manga.


Hellsing Ultimate

Round 1: Characters

Of course this is going to be tough for many reasons. Even considering all major difference in their appearances and their fate. Majority of characters appearing in both versions are similar. Thus the best way to go about this is by focusing the manga itself. Which anime did those characters more justice overall? Personally Hellsing anime did have Alucard more present. Everyone plays their roles incredibly well from the first episode all the way to the final episode. Seras was clearly done more justice in Hellsing Ultimate. The best possible angle to decide a winner as surprising it may be. We have to focus more on both Walter & Integra. Walter mostly acts as the person introducing weapons in Hellsing anime. However Walter plays a much greater role later on in Hellsing Ultimate. He becomes a vampire that took on Alucard, still one of the craziest battles of any story I ever seen. Integra does a lot more within Hellsing Ultimate. Not only she gives out orders, she even gets to kill several vampires. Hell she with Seras took on The Major, another crazy battle. Even Anderson, Alucard's rival from another organization is done more justice in Hellsing Ultimate. Their final battle was way more satisfying than their last fight in Hellsing Anime. This was the perfect rivalry battle that got epic in a big way. Incognito was good for what he brings to the table. Let's be honest the Millennium really stole the show in Hellsing Ultimate.

The winner of this round is Hellsing Ultimate

Round 2: Story

Yes as stated earlier both animes do cover the manga to a degree. Hellsing anime covers the same parts also covered in Hellsing Ultimate. But it also had plenty of original story to help connect everything together. I was very impressed how great this show holds up today. Hellsing Ultimate is covering the entire manga from start to finish. Both their stories are some of the best vampire animes ever made. Which bags the question how the hell am I going to decide which had a better story. This may upset a lot of people. Mostly with humor included & better pace overall I must give it to Hellsing Anime. In Hellsing Ultimate, they threw everything at you barely giving you a break. The humor isn't funny at all in Hellsing Ultimate because of this. However in Hellsing Anime the funny parts do work. When it came to major twists I felt Hellsing Anime did a better job.

The winner of this round is Hellsing Anime

Round 3: Violence

Some of you are thinking isn't this kinda pointless to cover. No believe it or not the times do change with anime. What they would allow then to what they would allow now is very different. Thus this makes a interesting comparison for many reasons. I'm not simply giving this to Hellsing Ultimate for being really violence, bloody & gory. Hellsing Anime allowed a lot of killing with parts of it being tone down for televisions. Hellsing Ultimate was made straight to DVD format with no limit how violent they could go. Thus Hellsing Ultimate is one of the most absolutely bloody, violent animes I ever seen. Especially late in this series you will be mind blown how far the violence actually goes. The right question is which had the violence fit in better? Clearly both did a great job being bloody & gory to a degree. As much I love seeing that insane level of violence because of horror movies. Even I have to say it is a little too much for my taste in Hellsing Ultimate. I felt the violence was more properly put in Hellsing Anime. Just right how they went about several characters getting killed.

The winner of this round is Hellsing Anime

2-1 Hellsing Anime wins this comparison for all the right reasons. Not only it holds up better but does humor and violence just right. Alucard is more present in this anime that many people do prefer this over Hellsing Ultimate. Both had great stories for their time. But original parts connecting near perfectly to those from the manga help Hellsing Anime stand out. Sure Hellsing Ultimate does more characters justice in the long run. Yet you can get the entire series of Hellsing Anime for much cheaper than getting Hellsing Ultimate separately.

The winner of this comparison is Hellsing Anime

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