Wednesday, March 8, 2017

X-Men Movie reviews Part 2 (Prequel Trilogy)

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, thank god 20th Century Fox has a heart after all. Starting with X-Men: First Class, they worked on fixing the damage they done. I am happy to say this is the best X-Men movie trilogy. These movies are now considered legendary in their own right. Honestly folks that's how good all three of them actually are.

1. X-Men: First Class (2011)

This is technically the earliest in time line that's an major event. I really like how everything plays in together. This is what we should've got many years ago. Some characters that aren't done well are done justice this time. This is loosely based on how X-Men got started & an huge story arc about Sebastian Shaw. Originally in comics both X-Men & The Avengers were constantly chasing this guy. I am very happy to see we got an great cast that lived up to their character's legacies respectively. The plot is an mutant named Sebastian Shaw wants to nuke parts of the world to take over. It is mind blowing how the entire ending plays out I'm really impressed. For an prequel this set the standards high for me. This movie was easily better than the original movie trilogy. Kevin Bacon is amazing as Sebastian Shaw, this was an great performance that plays to his strength. My favorite part is many people's where some members of X-Men are about to ask Wolverine to join. He replies F*^% off lol, I really can't get enough of that particular part. I highly recommend anyone trying to get into X-Men to go find this movie.

2. X-Men:  Days of Future Past (2014)

WOW this movie is still mind blowing to me in so many ways. Basically the future last of humanity are actually mutants. Most of them gather together to take on sentinels. Unique giant robots created to capture or kill mutants. I been waiting an long time for possibly the second closest enemy of being their nemesis to be in a movie. They really did an interesting take on sentinels that's very clever. An mutant has the power to send someone briefly into the past to alter what could happen. They decided to send Wolverine to the time period where sentinels got created to prevent it. I like we get to see both the old & new cast in the movie. In fact one particular scene both past & future Professor Xavier talk to each other is still minding. The way everything plays out I am beyond speechless. This movie isn't just really good, this is the kind of stuff we X-Men fans always wanted. Hell yeah go get this movie asap. It is truly worth your time and attention. Also thanks to this movie we got Deadpool movie. I should just spoil my favorite thing about this movie. Part of how this movie ends altered the time line making the original movie trilogy no longer canon. Yes this alone made the movie worth while.

3. X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

The end of the prequel trilogy to repair some of the damage from the previous movies. I honestly been waiting ever since X-Men: The Last Stand for Apocalypse to appear in a movie. I like how they went about newer versions of older characters like Jean Grey. I do enjoy this movie a lot with some parts being okay at best. This does get epic the way an end to an trilogy should be. Apocalypse gets awaken to form his horsemen of the apocalypse. I got to say his team is possibly the best I ever heard of. I do like how most of the story is told, I am not crazy how they handle Apocalypse. His appearance is another issue that's widely noted by people. I do like they kept him very true to his character in the comics. This movie is what X-Men: The Last Stand should've been. I am very happy to see this movie as this is exactly how I wanted most of it to play out. I'm very impressed by it great attempt at staying true at the comics.

I am aware they are already planning another prequel movie series. I will be giving all of those movies their own blog series review similar to this one.

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