Sunday, February 19, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #9 Leprechaun vs. He Who Walks Behind The Rows

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, I attempted giving people control on who should face Leprechaun. Our nominees are an wild bunch indeed. Option 1 stands as an god like figure in manipulating children into doing unspeakable things. Say hello to He Who Walks Behind The Rows. Option 2 is more of an twist on Christmas legends than anything else. In most universes Santa is good giving kids presents & Krampus is bad punishing them. But in Santa's Slay, Santa is evil killing without an care in the world. Welcome to the slaughterhouse Santa Claus. Sadly only one person voted in my poll but he picked Leprechaun's opponent. I would be fine going in either direction.

Drum rolls please for the reveal on who Leprechaun's opponent going to be in my blog series...

He Who Walks Behind The Rows

First up is an magical creature who spend centuries in our world killing people to protect his pot of gold. Welcome our little pal Leprechaun and his opponent is an mysterious figure responsible for one of the biggest off screen kill counts. An being worshiped by an cult of children as their god. You don't ever go to any of their corn fields. He Who Walks Behind The Rows is not to be taken lightly in every sense of the word.


There are legends in Ireland but none brought more fear than an leprechaun. This magical creature will do anything to protect his pot of gold. Every thousand years not married can claim his bride. This is one of the meanest small monsters I ever seen.

He Who Walks Behind The Rows

An cult by children became obsessed by the ways of He Who Walks Behind The Rows. Their goal is wipe out all adults and protect their corn fields. Possibly one of the biggest kill counts in history of horror movies. An mysterious being with many forms.

+More experience
+More powers
+More gold in his pot of gold, the more powerful he becomes
+Ridiculous regeneration
+If He Who Walks Behind The Rows is inside Leprechaun's cave can't escape

-More weaknesses
-More arrogant
-Losing gold from his pot of gold takes away his powers depending on amount missing
-Seeing anything real gold gets his attention making him vulnerable to traps

He Who Walks Behind The Rows
+More unpredictable
+Difficult to determine who or what He Who Walks Behind The Rows form is sometimes
+Commands an army of children
+Lesser weakness
+More weapons

-Not every children in his army is loyal
-Lacks combat experience
-Always close by corn fields that Leprechaun will quickly figure out
-Even He Who Walks Behind The Rows will do whatever it takes to protect corn fields
-Prefer showing up at night limiting the possibility of running into him
-Doesn't exploit weaknesses of their enemies
-Heavily relies on it's religion

Oh boy this is going to be one crazy battle for many reasons. I couldn't pick an better fight for Leprechaun myself. I thank Simoun once again suddenly becoming the solo vote for this match. Honestly I must give this to Leprechaun. Yes both of them are legends but only those a part of that cult knows about He Who Walks Behind The Rows. Leprechaun may have more weaknesses but also has more powers. He Who Walks Behind The Rows doesn't exploit it's enemies weaknesses. In summary won't use any possible way of killing Leprechaun. In comparison of powers, yes He Who Walks Behind The Rows is amazing. But Leprechaun is easily more god like with more experience of handling an bigger variety of enemies. Leprechaun could live possibly for an few thousands of years. Sadly He Who Walks Behind The Rows is technically already dead that sometimes possesses the living. Usually when it does, always gets too carried away & loses. Leprechaun held his own against an gypsy & won. He Who Walks Behind The Rows always stays close by corn fields. Leprechaun only has one set location that's almost impossible to escape from. Why because as long as he is alive won't allow intruders to escape. This cave automatically loops infinity until he allows it or dies. Also Leprechaun can create fire on the spot burning their fields. I would go into transformations but Leprechaun has flawless disguises to counter this. Even with the cult's help, Leprechaun is still too much to handle. The cult doesn't have interest in gold not knowing stealing it could weaken Leprechaun. If many space marines couldn't take down Leprechaun then how could this cult? It is possible depending on He Who Walks Behind The Rows' influence on children might get scared. The cult only listens to their leader or god making this surprisingly easier for Leprechaun. Finally at night He Who Walks Behind The Rows comes out. No time of the day or night is safe from Leprechaun especially on St. Patrick's Day. Leprechaun may lack numbers but has massive advantages over his opponent.

The Winner of this monster battle is Leprechaun

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