Monday, February 20, 2017

Jack Red reviews Sonic Games Collection Act 2

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, I will be making newer versions of this big Sonic bundle reviews. But I am only reviewing games I haven't done before. Officially five Sonic games you have to pay for will mark when I will make these.

I felt like reviewing all free Sonic games you can get through Genesis games on Steam should be done. Considering all Sonic games on the console are available, Sega really likely be okay with this. Some of these I'm an huge fan of. Some of the most unique Sonic game to date.

6. Knuckles in Sonic 1

True story the Sonic team attempted making Knuckles playable in Sonic 1. However they weren't able to fix parts of the graphics becoming red. More recently an rom hacker fixed that problem with some added stuff. So we can play what almost became an lock-on game. This is similar to Knuckles in Sonic 2 serving the same purpose. I would say Labyrinth Zone is much easier with Knuckles. But it kinda felt like most levels belongs to Sonic. Most boss fights are harder simply because Knuckles can't jump as high as Sonic. I would say go check this version of Sonic 1 out.

5. Sonic Eraser

An lost Sonic game that was only release in Japan to an short lived add on part for Sega Genesis. It took many years before someone discovered this Sonic game & uploaded it to the internet. This is possibly the shortest Sonic game I ever played. This is the original puzzle Sonic game predating Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. Sure it doesn't have great audio but addicting game to play. There is an learning curve but things do get better over time. There is so little content in the game itself. Yes this is an finished Sonic game.

4. Blue Sphere

The lock-on game replacing Knuckles in Sonic 1. They felt to give us an full version of Blue Sphere would help things. Not only this has the record for the most passwords, most levels but also has the record for being the first endless Sonic game. There is no real end to this game no matter what you do. On the actual console not being in the first three Sonic games on top of Sonic & Knuckles' cartridge. Most Genesis games only enables one level repeatedly infinity. There is an learning curve but great audio for it's time. Who doesn't remember the title screen lol.

3. Sonic & Knuckles

Second half of Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles is an great game. It does do some things better since as telling it's story better. I felt most bosses were slightly better than those of Sonic 3. It is possible getting all seven chaos emeralds within the first zone. One of my favorite level select codes of all time. They really out did themselves with this game.

2. Sonic 3

As an kid I always prefer Sonic & Knuckles. But more recently I really came to like Sonic 3 more than Sonic & Knuckles. The first half of Sonic 3 really step up it's game. Some of the absolute best Sonic songs of all time. Yes this includes some originally done by the king of pop himself Michael Jackson. More interesting level designs with amazing sound effects. Who doesn't remember watching Death Egg explode in air. One of the most epic moments to end an Sonic game.

1. Knuckles in Sonic 2

Knuckles in Sonic 2 is amazing in every sense of the world. Yes you lose multiplayer & they changed the codes. Yet Knuckles makes getting all chaos emeralds much easier. Yes some boss fights are harder due to Knuckles not able to jump as high as Sonic & Tails. You get to explore areas you couldn't before. Which is more interesting than doing the same thing in Knuckles Sonic 1 version. They did an incredible job making this very accessible to Knuckles.

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