Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #10 Critters vs. Goosebumps Monsters

Special thanks to my cousin Brooke for requesting Critters in an fight.

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, this is meant for an younger audience. I debated on an few possible fights I could do for Critters. I almost went with The Thing but that would've been too obvious. So I'm going in an weird, unexpected direction. I will allow some exceptions of lighter horror movies. Such as Goosebumps movie since I did grew up with the show. Also I couldn't decide on an better fight for them.

It's time to introduce our fighters first up is small nasty aliens that simply wants to eat & survive. These creatures will quickly make your homes or an space ship not safe. Little to no where being safe say hello to Critters.

Their opponents is an great mixture of monsters all created by the same author. Goosebumps was made for kids to scare them. I would be here all day to fully name every monster present in this movie. Welcome to the slaughterhouse Goosebumps Monsters.


Bad small aliens that go to planets to eat it's inhabitants. Constantly on the run from the space bounty hunters. These creatures will hide anywhere even an space ship. Critters are vicious, selfish and stubborn.

Goosebumps Monsters

An great variety of creatures to symbolize horror fiction stories. All were created by the same author to entertainment children. One of the biggest monster armies I ever seen. Once outside their books, all of them becomes immortal.

Yes this is indeed an crazy monster army battle. Both terrorize an town in such an amount of time. Most people wouldn't take their movies seriously. This is going to be difficult to determine which side wins. No where is safe with both armies stalking an town. The damage they have done is mind blowing. There is so much to consider for an battle this massive.

+More unpredictable
+Quickly increase their numbers
+Adapts to environments quicker
+Due to their size, they're harder to hit

-More arrogant
-Can be killed with some effort
-More focus on eating people than anything else
-None of them works well with each other

Goosebumps Monsters
+Bigger army
+As long they're outside their books, all of them are immortal
+Bigger variety of abilities
+Only their respective books can stop them
+Some monsters can't be attacked
+Slappy is an better leader
+Better team work

-More focus on terrorizing
-It is possible Critters can use their books to send them back
-Some creatures will fall for tricks

After much needed consideration, I decided to give the win to Goosebumps Monsters. Critters are smart enough to change course of an space ship. But Slappy is clever like an fox. He made sure among freeing every monsters to burn their books. In order to preventing them from going back to their books. An similar move done in second season of Beatleborgs with drawings having the same affect. As long all those monsters are outside their respective books they're immortal. The only way of stopping them is sending them back to their books which Slappy already burnt those books. Critters has survived space bounty hunters but has no experience against other monsters. One of the first things they would think of doing is eating them. As proven by gnomes, breaking them to quickly pull themselves back together making that impossible. Critters can trick some monsters but most of them are creatures. They couldn't trick Slappy as he always planning ahead for the worst scenarios. Slappy does an amazing job commanding all these monsters. Critters doesn't work well with each other making this more difficult than it should be. Goosebumps Monsters has all kind of abilities that Critters couldn't fully understand. Also Slappy could force Critters away in time. Even if Critters greatly up their numbers, it doesn't change the fact this is an battle they can't win. Goosebumps Monsters are way too much for them to handle

The Winner of this battle is Goosebumps Monsters

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