Sunday, February 19, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #7 Klowns vs. Killjoy

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, it's no secret one of the creepiest things in many people's child hoods is clowns. Today I decided to do an crazy evil clown brawl that most won't be safe. First up these strange aliens have similar traits to our planet's clowns but more twisted. They attempted to take our world over night say hello to Klowns. Their opponent is an demonic clown of vengeance with the most. Welcome to the slaughterhouse Killjoy. In support of Killjoy I'm allowing his team of clowns to help him to even things up. Otherwise what's the point of not clowning around lol.


It is possible the very concept of clowns could come from these aliens. One of the strangest horror movie monsters I ever seen. They use many stuff use for jokes to capture or kill people. They nearly wipe out an entire town over night. Despite their appearance, they are surprisingly nasty creatures.

Killjoy and his gang

An man name Michael wanted revenge. Instead of directly doing it like many people. Michael made an deal with Hell to create an powerful demon of vengeance. Thus creating Killjoy whose reception was seen as never failed killing all victims off. Until an woman going insane escape his realm. This is where his life forever change.

I debated many evil clowns for one rememberable take on doing an fight worthy of their name. I was close of using both Captain Spaulding & Pennywise but felt I could do better. It quickly became clear that nothing would work or made more sense this fight I chosen. Both sides may appear like clowns but are evil, twisted and dark humor. Obviously there is a lot to consider for this clown battle. I am an huge fan of both these evil clowns.

+Bigger group
+Only one weakness
+Greater range of weaponry
+More unpredictable
+Their leader being an giant

-Killjoy and his gang will figure out their weakness quickly
-Their leader is stuck on their ship due to his size
-Not use of being on Earth
-All clowns have similar abilities & weaponry

+Killjoy works better with his gang
+More use of being on Earth
+Semi Immortal
+More experience
+More skill sets
+More ready for combat under extreme conditions
+Survived Hell
+Stronger with Punchy being the strongest regular clown in this fight

-Killjoy can be reckless
-Some of them needs order at times
-Not as many weapons
-Killjoy loss some of his powers among letting one person escape ruining his repetition

This is an close fight for an clown battle. I must've taken too many pies in the face. This came down to an few details I simply couldn't ignore. Therefore I believe the winner of this fight is Killjoy. Before anyone freaks out about this please hear me out. Yes Klowns have the numbers and only has one weakness. But Killjoy and his gang aren't as stupid as many would think. Killjoy does notice stuff on his own especially towards killing people. They should quickly figure out how to kill Klowns. In vice versa Klowns does have superior technology with many of their weaponry making no real sense. Yet all clowns in Killjoy's gang have different skill sets that Klowns wouldn't understand. Although it's debatable how immortal Killjoy's gang actually is. What we do know is Batty Boop spent hours bleeding to when it wasn't technically possible to survive. This means Killjoy's gang could fight them longer period of time if needed. Killjoy with help did escape Hell easily worse than even facing their leader. Klown leader is not only the biggest but strongest as well. Punchy would be the only clown crazy enough to go into an fight with him just using his fists. Which packs more force than the small clown punching an biker's head off. The only reason that head went flying was because he moved at the worst possible time making it possible for decapitation. If Klowns decides to throw pies that melt an guard's body completely in minutes. Killjoy's gang can teleport away on the spot & quickly do something right afterwards. Killjoy also despite being nasty to his gang actually the better leader out of the two. Sometimes Killjoy had to make the tough decisions while their leader simply attack instead of strategizing. Pretty much team work, better leadership and some tough obstacles gives Killjoy and his gang the win of this fight.

The Winner of this monster battle is Killjoy

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