Saturday, February 18, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #6 Graboids vs. Xenomorph

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, today let's make it where there really isn't anywhere safe. The one fight coming to mind of that concept in mind might be blowing for many people. First up these creature start life as giant worms with other transformations becoming worse. Say hello to Graboids and their opponents are an alien race that really doesn't need any introductions. Welcome to the slaughterhouse Xenomorph.


In 1889, many people started disappearing with little to no traces. An small town figured out creatures called Graboids are eating people. In later movies, they have transformations like Shiekers & Ass-Blasters. Originally using sound to find their prey. In other forms that changes to heat sensing. Usually an group of them are close by several miles of each other.


An race of aliens that some species kept reviving through both technology & using live creatures. Starting live as Facehuggers, their purpose to find any creature to force bonding. After a coupe of hours, their victims dies after these creatures comes out of their chests. Savage beasts hunting people & protecting their queen at any cost.

I know many people are probably thinking several things right now. What why these two going against each other? This makes no sense at all you must be doing drugs. There is no possible way of making this fight happening. Honestly my concept is aiming for an angle most wouldn't understand at first. I wanted an great creature battle with no where being save. What both these creatures brings to the fight makes things very interesting. This fight alone has so much potential to blow so many people away.

For the record I'm excluding the newest Graboids from Tremors 5. I'm also not counting all cross over variations of Xenomorph speices. This should be what we have in their movies is what we got. If you don't like then don't come crying to me about it.

+In Graboid form has superior strength
+More difficult to fight one or an group of them
+Greater senses
+In Graboid form being a lot heavier
+Hide their eggs better

-Xenomorph can use sound or heat to get Graboids to go into traps
-Doesn't have much of a way to fight back
-Shiekers aren't much of an challenge compared to most it's forms

+More unpredictable
+Has more ways of fighting back
+Quicker reactions
+Better army
+Graboid species will likely get touch by their acidic blood
+Quickly adapts to any environment
+Goes through live forms much faster
+Queen can give born to an large amount of her kind

-Not as patience as Graboids
-More depended on Queen than themselves
-Doesn't have a way to attack Graboids in the ground or Ass-Blasters in the sky
-Not as tough by a huge amount
-Lay all their eggs out in the open instead of hiding them

WOW this is really hard to determine which monster army would win this battle. I took so many things into consideration to determine which side would win. I believe this battle must go to Xenomorph. Before I go even further I'm an huge fan of both franchises. I know some are going to quickly judge it simply because of Xenomorph. Allow me to fully explain why they win such an close battle. Clearly both sides has great advantages over each other. So I had to look deeper for big enough differences to decide which would win. I am picking my brains at this point. In short Xenomorph will have the bigger army at an faster rate because of their queen. Unavoidably several possibilities will occur often in this battle. Yes some Xenomorph aliens will get eaten alive. But Graboids won't make away in time after getting hit by their acidic blood. Which can burn through steel in seconds. In some Alien movies, Xenomorph have shown surprising high level of intelligence. For example in Alien: Resurrection they killed one of their own & hide. As soon as the guy spraying them comes out to search. One of them goes in that room & sprays him to death. If they could do that then it is likely Xenomorph will strategize against Graboids. Also Graboids has an history of falling into traps by humans. Yes Xenomorph can't able to attack Graboids in the ground or Ass-Blasters in the sky. Xenomorph can quickly adapt to any environment. Graboids are only found in hot areas around the world. Strongly suggesting an possible weakness or simply dislike to cold temperatures. Graboids won't go after Xenomorph eggs even they're hatching since they don't make much sound or heat. It is possible Xenomorph would go after Graboid eggs if they are an threat to their species. In the end Xenomorph has the numbers, deadly blood, quickly increase the size of their army and smart enough to win this battle.

The Winner of this monster battle is Xenomorph

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