Friday, February 10, 2017

Top 6 Game Companies

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, this is going to be an personal Top 6 list. Why because you are about to find out which game companies I'm huge fan of. There is so much to consider for this particular list.

1. Must be into at least three game series to count
2. If they did enough to upset me they won't be consider Konami & Nintendo

6. Valve

Half-Life series
Left 4 Dead series
Team Fortress series
Counter-Strike series

Valve is still one of the most popular game companies focusing on PC games. Their gaming service Steam is the biggest in the entire world. Valve has some of the most impressive games for their time. More recently they came out with an console sorta it was actually just another computer false advertising. Very quickly became one of the absolute best game companies to date. Gabe Newell is officially one of the richest men in the world.

5. Bethesda

Wolfenstein series
Doom series
Fallout series

Bethesda really puts out amazing games. They already rebooted Wolfenstein & Doom that many consider some of their finest yet. Of course Fallout series ever since Fallout 3 has some mind blowing stuff. They put so much work into these games that it's ridiculous. Bethesda getting ID Software was one of the smartest things any game company has done.

4. Warner Brothers

Mortal Kombat series
Rampage series
Lego Batman series
Batman: Arkham series

An big movie company around early nineties gets involve with video games. More recently they got so many developers working for them. A lot of great licensed games for their time with very few difficult to beat. Warner Brothers has an impressive line up of licensed games. Not only that in particular Batman: Arkham series really set the bar high. Mortal Kombat has never been this good in years. All I want now is for them to bring back Rampage.

3. Bandai Namco

Tekken series
SoulCalibur series
Pac-Man series
Dragon Ball Z series

Bandai Namco is two game companies merged into greatness. Still going strong from Pac-Man of the early eighties. Banai Namco has an major impact on not just my life but many others as well. Some of the absolute finest video games in existence. Tekken series in particular is incredibly unique and original. They revamped weapon style fighting games with Soul Edge or Soul Blade depending on region. Their finest games are an testament to timeless classics still many people need to play today.

2. Capcom

Resident Evil series
Devil May Cry series
Dead Rising series
Marvel vs. Capcom series

One of my personal favorite game companies of all time. Capcom still going strong with many newer classics. Some of the absolute best video games anywhere in the world. Their library of video games is legendary by today's standards. They have done plenty of original games or ported ones or licensed games. Capcom keeps pushing the envelope further with even passing year.

1. Sega

Sonic series
Shinobi series
Golden Axe series
Vectorman series
Sonic and Sega All Stars series
Shining series
Streets of Rage series
Crazy Taxi series
The House of the Dead series
Space Harrier series
Virtua Fighter series

I already expecting so many to disagree. If it weren't for Sega Genesis, I would never became an gamer. Sega still has a lot of great series over the years. They have their ups and downs with their company mascot Sonic. Most agree their arcade games are some of the best you could possibly play. Also they are one of the few game companies to make game consoles and handhelds. You got to respect that, Sega has so much potential to be great again. A lot of interesting concepts especially during 16-bit era. Sega deserves a lot more credit than what it is currently getting. For one they actually listen to their fans unlike Nintendo and Square Enix. Another huge reason I'm into Sega so much is their controllers are still some of my favorites. I love seeing many Sega classics in many forms getting ported. Sometimes they host contests where you could get some of their games for free. Can you name another game company that kind I doubt it.

I hope you guys like my blog, if enough are interested I could do the flip side possibly upsetting many people. Until next time I'm Jack Red and I'll see all of you later.

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