Saturday, February 18, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #5 Tallman vs. Dracula

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, to me this following fight is both an dream fight & possibly the one fight making the most sense. Today I put an lesser known horror icon against an legendary horror icon. First up an mysterious being with the goal of taking over our world is Tallman. His opponent the king of vampires with many legends and one of the most horror movies in history. Say hello to Count Dracula.


An undertaker becomes obsessed in attempting of connecting our world into another. Shortly entering his portal, the entity take over his body for centuries. Only known by the name Tallman plans on conquering our world. He found an way to use the dead against us.

Count Dracula

An king that was battling another army upon winning. He came home to find out his soon to be wife committed suicide. Greatly upsetting him to become the monster we all know of today. This vampire has done more damage than any horror movie icon. Widely known for his army of vampires and sometimes other monsters.

For me no body made more sense to take on Count Dracula than Tallman. It already is an huge deal for anyone possibly facing Dracula. One of the greatest horror movie icons in history. I made sure to pick the perfect opponent for him. To my own surprise this is really close. In fact I am cutting hairs to determine the winner or in this case dropping blood.

To clarify I am using a lot of Dracula movies for this fight. This isn't to create the ultimate Dracula that no one can beat. This was meant to create the true definitive Dracula for this fight.

+Has more difficult weaknesses
+More unpredictable
+Bigger army
+Quickly replace himself after dying as if nothing happened
+Greater range of attacks
+Doesn't require sleep, eat or using the bathroom
+Constantly traveling making it more difficult to track

-Dracula could use high pitch noises with help to stop Tallman in his tracks
-Most of his army isn't meant for battles
-Spheres could easily be manipulate

Count Dracula
+Better army with & without his monster allies
+More powers at his disposable
+More ways of being revived

-Depending on version has some or all vampire weaknesses
-Requires sleep during the day
-More reckless
-Stays in one set location
-His mind may not be able to handle the portals

This is going to be one insane war between the undead. Two of the most powerful beings in existence going at it. Virtually at their best with so little room to decide which ruler would win this battle. I really took a lot of time determining every possibility. This battle easily could go either way depending on it's conditions alone. Therefore with that in mind I imagine a lot of those scenarios. To me I kept coming up with great reasons why Tallman wins. Yes both lead an huge undead army that haunts the living. But all of Tallman's army can hunt as long as they need to. They doesn't require sleep, eat or using the bathroom. In vice versa, majority of Dracula's army are vampires. In most movies, they only can be at night hunting humans. Sunlight can easily kill them faster than most fatal weaknesses. There is the slight chance of getting other monster allies into the war. Wolf Man has an similar thing going with his transformations. Of course while in wolf form he doesn't have much control over his actions. Most of them have no limit of any kind preventing from hunting Tallman's army. Most of Tallman's army lack intelligence & being much shorter in comparison. Some vampires would die from Tallman's spheres. It is possible for them or Dracula to manipulate them to either avoid or get them stuck. Tallman will kill people in their sleep happening in some of the Phantasm movies. Dracula has an long history of people killing him within his coffin. Dracula usually stays his castle in Translyvania. But Tallman travels around the United States killing thousands to millions of people in canon. Tallman can quickly track Dracula's castle much faster than in vice versa that process taking much longer. It is also possible if Dracula go inside those portals Tallman uses. His mind very likely would not be able to handle it. Finally even if Dracula does kill off Tallman. As proven in some of his movies, Tallman will quickly return. As directly stated by Tallman himself, there exists over ten of thousands of him. Therefore for Dracula to officially win he must figure an way of getting to all of them. Sadly there doesn't exist such an way as it doesn't even state where all these Tallmans are. This means if Dracula were to attempt doing this. He is more likely to get killed or trapped inside. To clarify you can get trapped inside Tallman's world or time itself like what happened to Richie. Both of them are difficult to escape as proven by the movies. This was an close battle but Tallman comes out on top.

The Winner of this monster battle is Tallman

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