Sunday, February 19, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #8 Frankenstein's Monster vs. Leatherface

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, this is sorta an request from my friend Simoun. Although I did throw this idea around, no body was biting. It's time to do what I want to see play out in my blog. We got an rather interesting case of stitched flesh theme horror icon battle. First up really doesn't need an introduction say hello to Frankenstein's Monster. His opponent often chases after people for his family with an chainsaw. Welcome to the slaughterhouse Leather.

Frankenstein's Monster

Dr. Victor Frankenstein became obsessed with preventing death to keep up living an common doctor's dream. He had help from an strange man named Igor to steal parts of corpses. This guy attempted several experiments before finally making the creature forever known as Frankenstein's Monster.


Leatherface is both mentally disturbed & retarded. He will go after anyone targeting his family. The most likely to get his hands dirty. Surprisingly he knows how to cut off human flesh like an professional psychopath.

Before I go even further I must clarify something very important. Like Dracula, there exists many movie versions of Frankenstein's Monster. I don't plan on creating an almost invincible variation of the creature. I just meant to create the true definitive that would put up an fair fight against Leatherface.

We got an strange case of two horror icons using stolen flesh in different ways. Frankenstein's Monster was made out of those body parts. Leatherface kills people he likes then tears off their faces to form an mask from time to time. Both are surprisingly strong, determine and aggressive. There are a lot of great possibilities for just one fight.

Frankenstein's Monster
+More experience
+Longer live span
+With help can get limbs reattached
+Adapts to environments much faster
+Electricity hitting him could guarantee victory
+More traveling experience

-Although an long period of time being alive does require high volt of electricity to survive
-Less willing to fight
-Doesn't like fire
-Sometimes has trouble getting powered by electricity

+More willing to fight
+Experience in cutting up people
+Fights with an chainsaw

-Being mentally disturbed greatly limits his way of thinking & controlling himself
-Being mentally retarded attempts to learn things at an much slower pace
-Heavily depended on family & chainsaw
-Despite his appearance actually is a human
-Doesn't tank injuries well

This is an close fight but very clear cuts making this surprisingly easy to determine the winner. I must give this to Frankenstein's Monster for many great reasons. Leather is more aggressive but to an fault Frankenstein's Monster could use against him. Being mentally retarded greatly slows down the rate he learns. In vice versa some versions of Frankenstein's Monster can quickly learn at an fast rate. Being made of corpses, Frankenstein's Monster has an much greater pain level he can take. Although out this fight, Frankenstein's Monster can find someone to reattach any body parts cut off. This also means the usual killing blows Leatherface would do. Surprisingly won't affect Frankenstein's Monster the same as humans. For one he could survive having his chainsaw inside his body with some resistance, If Leatherface kills off any of his limbs, he quickly bounces back from it. In some movies it's possible for Frankenstein's Monster to save from having his head being decapitated. In comparison Leatherface is still an insane human that doesn't take pain very well. Frankenstein's Monster has an longer live span possibly taking time to learn many things including skills. Although it's impressive Leatherface can use his chainsaw the way he does. Widely stated Frankenstein's Monster is several times stronger than an group of men with plenty of proof to back that up. Finally Frankenstein's Monster does require electricity to survive. Regardless from technology or an lightning bolt could guarantee victory in this fight. This could limit Leatherface's movements or force him to flee. Some versions of him when over charged can fire bolts of electricity. In most canons being charged increases his insane strength & his determination. I'm sorry Texas Chainsaw Massacre fans but this classic horror icon is no joke in what he can do.

The Winner of this monster battle is Frankenstein's Monster

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