Friday, February 10, 2017

What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #2 Wishmaster vs. Channard Cenobite

Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, this is one of my first ideas for this concept. I been waiting for an few users to do their take of it. But if you want something done you got to do it yourself. This is going to be one epic battle for an monster brawl. First up is possibly one of the scariest horror icons to date. An being capable of some of the most mind blowing powers imaginable. Say hello to Wishmaster and his opponent stands as one of the most powerful demons in existence. Welcome to the slaughterhouse Channard Cenobite. These two could easily own many big name horror icons on their own. Today we will see which demonic creature is more terrifying.


For centuries there were stories about an djinn that would twist people's wishes into killing him. This creature is one of the smallest races but possibly the most dangerous. There is little to no limit in what they can grant. Wishmaster's goal is among granting the waker three wishes to bring the apocalypse. This creature will do anything in achieving that goal.

Channard Cenobite

Originally an doctor of an hospital that became obsessed with the box and everything relating to it. One day an man committing suicide of the bed. Belong to Julia cause her to come back to life through his blood. Shortly afterwards she betrays him that transforms Channard into the most powerful cenobite ever created. Being directly powered by their god, this demon shows no mercy to anyone.

Two powerful demonic creatures capable of handling anything. Both close very like of being godlike greatly limiting who or what could stand against either of these monsters. I say we're in an heated battle that could forever change the course of how Hell does things. I am not kidding that's how insane of an fight this actually is. Of course I did my research to determine which demonic being stands beyond the rest.

+Has more experience
+Greater range of his powers
+By granting wishes could allow him to warp reality & make impossible things possible
+Only harm by an sword wielded by angels
+More clever
+Superior regeneration

-Sometimes waits too long for someone to make an wish he can twist
-Some wishes can't be twisted
-More focus on getting those three wishes than anything else

Channard Cenobite
+Being powered by his god makes him more powerful than Pinhead
+Like Pinhead's chains. his smaller worms can do anything he wants
+Can remove powers from the Cenobites

-Due to that giant worm attached to his head greatly limits his movements
-At the worst possible time that giant worm will pull off his head killing him
-Doesn't have much experience as an cenobite
-More predictable
-His powers are useless against Wishmaster

This will be an close battle but with everything considered I must give this to Wishmaster. It is unlikely Channard Cenobite would make an wish greatly limiting his powers. But it is possible for someone close by could make an wish related to this battle improving his chances of winning. Wishmaster has been around for centuries with an large kill count. Channard Cenobite only existed within one night & died. Wishmaster has experience dealing with angels while Channard took on the Cenobites. The only reason Channard Cenobite won was because their god was directly powering him. When Wishmaster won against an angel, he did it on his own. Most real cons Wishmaster has wouldn't affect this fight much. Although Channard Cenobite took away Pinhead's powers just before killing him. Wishmaster has insane powers that are god like making it incredibly difficult for that to happen. I mean he killed an woman by sex, rapidly age an man backwards & many other things. Wishmaster easily can warp reality to an degree which by itself Channard Cenobite wouldn't understand. You could consider this Hell's take on science vs. magic. Channard Cenobite wouldn't be able to wield an sword from angels due to being an demonic creature. Therefore Channard Cenobite has no solid way of killing Wishmaster. Finally at the worst possible time that giant worm could pull his head off killing him. This worm already greatly limits his movements in the fight. Wishmaster has so many different possible ways to do this fight it's ridiculous. I am sorry Hellraiser fans but Wishmaster is truly way more terrifying demonic creature.

The Winner of this monster battle is Wishmaster

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