Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jack Red reviews Xbox 360

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, I know it's been a while ever since my girl friend came over for two weeks. Honestly it was better then going to Otakon since that's just an weekend while she gets to be over longer. So along with that I got a lot of stuff for my Xbox 360 that it's the most I spent in an month. I want to start reviewing game consoles that I really like enough to give them their own reviews to show  my passion toward them.

Today I will be reviewing Xbox 360 now what a great console I been doing some hardcore gaming nailing some of the hardest achievements. It's following the original Xbox that I have spent a lot of time playing though I hate the fat controller. I did get my hands on the newer. smaller controller now why didn't we get that in the first place. Anyway thank god they nail the Xbox 360 controllers even better despite starting out with batteries.

I did get the Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit which will save you money plus you can play games longer. Usually buying an Xbox 360 you get an head set that the cord goes in the bottom of your controller. I really like this idea because who wants to keep holding it on their ears while they play. The console itself has Xbox Live as we speak which is an great service I can plan around their point system quite well.

I got a good number of games on the consoles either the main games or downloaded. I am surprised games like SoulCalibur and Perfect Dark are only ported to the Xbox 360 now that's awesome. Not too long ago give Indie Games a try to enjoy some of these games. You can only play them online with no achievements to get. That's right I haven't got to the achievements yet I got a lot to talk about.

Achievements can be unlock by doing some tasks of any difficulty. A lot of games do beating an level or the game itself on several difficulties. The main games usually have about fifty some achievements that can go up though downloadable contents. The arcade titles usually have twelve achievements with two exceptions. Sonic Adventure because you got to download an upgrade that will add more to the game itself.

The other to my surprise was Perfect Dark an game I had for a while on the Nintendo 64 which has twenty. It's an incredibly big game that will take hours to get every single achievements. Other achievements are either getting 100% for an game or doing some random like step in dog shit. The last couple for many games are play online that will take a lot of time as well as patience to do them. I love going for achievements because it makes your game score go up as well as getting mad skills.

You can also buy downloadable contents which I am going to do my best to describe as many types of it as I can. Fighting games usually has a few characters worth five dollars each like Mortal Kombat. A couple of games has a few levels you can download that can be a lot of fun to play. A lot of them also add more directly to the game play like Fallout 3 is an good example of this. Some games add more songs to the games usually rhythm ones like Guitar Hero games.

Buying a couple of these downloadable contents will add more achievements for you to get. If you are one of those people that really want an challenge doing them that I take my hat off to you. I barely had any real problems with my Xbox 360 except the original one. My brother broken the disc thing you need to buy many games. I don't own that one anymore with my new one doing really good.

I just realized that you can also buy Xbox original games though the service. If you still own your Xbox original games then you can play them with no problem. As far as I know you do need Xbox Live to update your console to play several games. You won't be able to go in parties if you are playing one of these games. I still own my PlayStation 2 that plays PlayStation 1 games with nothing needed at all.

I guess it isn't that bad look up the first couple PlayStation 3 playing PlayStation 2 games. They no longer do that yet kept it's backward compatibility with PlayStation 1. I did own an PlayStation 3 which I don't like very much. Back to the Xbox 360 I believe it has a bright future ahead of it especially having Rare on their side. I see the console being one of my favorites ever made for so many reasons.

In conclusion please go out and buy yourself an Xbox 360 as soon as you can.

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