Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jack Red reviews Gunstar Heroes

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, I got so many Sega games to review that it's a long list of games that many enjoy playing. I am going to review Gunstar Heroes on Xbox 360 now this was one of Genesis best games ever made. I recently got all the achievements of this game unlock within an week that's how much I love it.

You can play as Gunstar Red or Blue with your choice of weapon functions. Like Golden Axe on Xbox Live Arcade you can use the save feature at any given time. This game has some of the best graphics I ever seen in an hit and run game hell I would've love this game as an kid. You get a great variety of enemies as well as some unique bosses like Seven Force first time or Golden Silver.

Like Mega Man games you can pick which level you want to play until the last three levels. Most levels you must run as well keep firing at them with many explosions. Level 2 has you switching between rails with only one boss with many forms to fight. Depending on your difficulty levels you don't have to fight all seven forms.

I got to say thank god there wasn't that bullshit of beating the game on it's hardest setting to see an okay ending. Level 4 is my favorite level because it starts out like most levels then you must play through a board game. I have experience something similar in Devil May Cry 4 though a few levels used it.

I recommend playing level 4 of Gunstar Heroes over Devil May Cry 4 board games. I say that because here you will know what to expect unlike Devil May Cry 4. A good number of these spots have bosses waiting to fight you. If you are lucky you might be able to land on item spots that gives you health. You can also change your firing function if you want to though I usually don't at all.

Once you land on the last spot it's time to fight the boss of the stage. He has a couple of attacks that can take awhile to memorize like The Wheel of Fate. Thankfully he isn't as close as hard as that final boss though watch out for the first orb he throws. If you completed those levels at this point you can't select the last couple of levels.

This game has one of the best soundtracks I heard from an Genesis game. There's a level where you fly a ship with a couple of bosses. Surprisingly you end up fighting Seven Force again though this time it's smaller with one life. It can still transform into all of it's forms unlike the previous encounter. The last level makes you fight a couple of bosses again though they won't be the same.

You will fight the other Gunstars as well as some of the bad guys. As soon as you get to the leader he gets taken out by Golden Silver. Here it is the final boss now it starts out easy then it starts attacking back. Holy shit he isn't holding back it's like fighting Shredder in the original arcade game minus the clones.

At first I was wondering why I wasn't hurting it much then I found out you aren't suppose to shoot at it. You are aiming to shoot at it's power supply that's reminds me of Super Mecha Sonic in Sonic & Knuckles. Both these bosses are using limitless power that are known to be challenging. The big difference here is you can hit Super Mecha Sonic once it used up the emeralds.

If you are able to beat the final boss then congratulations because I know he is an pain in the ass. The ending is one of the best I seen in Sega games to date. Please Sega give us Bio-Hazard Battle on Xbox Live Arcade soon that would be awesome. In conclusion this brings so much to the table that it shouldn't be over looked by anyone.

I thank everyone for reading and I will see all of you later.

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