Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jack Red reviews Crazy Taxi

Hi everyone this is Jack Red, one thing I learned from my past reviews is I shown my passion toward Sega. Which is why I'm reviewing one of my favorite Sega games Crazy Taxi for Xbox 360 now this is my third time owning it. I originally had it on my Dreamcast then I had a copy of it for PS2 though I loss that one. Now I can play it again on my Xbox 360 remembering some great memories of this classic.

They release this with Sonic Adventure before Dreamcast Collection though today chances are you played one of them. It might be hard to believe but half that collection I had on Dreamcast loving them both. This game never truly gets old even with some of the codes that makes it more interesting to play. I got to say I'm glad Sega notice we love this game since it should be one of their biggest requests.

Unlike Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection these games got their own achievements especially if you want a challenge. I do not own Dreamcast Collection but I do know enough of it to know you just get four games. Anyway you play as one of four taxi drivers as you keep picking up people to take them to their destinations. You can play either Arcade or Original Mode which are different that similar to each other.

Yellow customers gives the most money out even driving like a mad man. Red customers are the other main percentage in the game. You can also ride a bike instead of taxi with two ways to get the easy way or the hard way. The easy way basically press left and right trigger until you see a bike on the screen. You should also get a bell of your bike go off as your game is about to begin. The hard way is mastered Crazy Box.

You can play either three to ten minutes which you got to score as much as possible in the allowed time limit. You also get Arcade Rules where you start off with a minute that can be extended. You drop off customers under that playing set for gives you more time though it can take a while to play it. There actually exist a code to play a hidden variation of both Arcade and Original Mode for an extra challenge.

Crazy Box has different mini games you must complete to get the bike as well as the last couple of achievements. For a long time I couldn't do the very first one where you need to do a long jump to beat the stage. Just recently I found out you were should to do a crash dash that can take a while to master. I also like you can unlock clothes for your avatar which I recommend the Crazy Taxi shirt a lot.

I wish that was a real shirt then I would be wearing it almost all the time. I do like Axel's Hawaiian shirt but to me it just doesn't appeal as much as that shirt. In conclusion this game still today one of Sega's best game ever made that deserves some respect. I hope you guys enjoy my review and see all of you later.

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